About the Town Line Community Newspaper

The Town Line, Inc. is governed by a volunteer board of directors and staffed by a managing editor, bookkeeper and administrative assistant. Numerous volunteers, who are always needed, also contribute to the weekly operation of the newspaper.

The organization has been organized and incorporated under the Maine Nonprofit Corporations Act and designated nonprofit under §501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

The Town Line, Inc. accomplishes its purpose through the advertising revenue of local businesses, through memberships and subscriptions from individuals, and from private and town grant assistance.

To read an article, published in our 1,000th issue, about our more than two decade history, please click here.

Our Vision:

To enhance the quality of life

Our Mission:

To create a vibrant rural community connecting our towns, organizations and individuals through communication, education, and public dialogue.

Our Goals:

  • Be a sustainable nonprofit organization.
  • Build good community relations.
  • Publish a weekly, non-partisan, balanced newspaper.

The Town Line Inc. Statement of Purpose

The Town Line Inc. not-for-profit organization’s purpose is to promote and foster a growing, healthy, central Maine community comprising of China, Albion, Palermo, Windsor, Vassalboro, Winslow, Unity, Skowhegan and their environs, and the production of a free, local area newspaper to serve this community.

The Town Line Community Newspaper
Jonesbrook Crossing
P.O. Box 89
So. China, ME 04358-0089
Tel (207) 445-2234 • Fax 445-2265

Email: townline@fairpoint.net
website: www.townline.org

For advertising: Kathy Duhnoski: 691-2332 or kduhnoski@myfairpoint.net