Albion Neighborhood News, Week of August 4, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Busy weekend in Albion. All of the pageantry leading up  to field day with the selection of the queen/princess of field day, the parade,  auction, chicken barbeque, other food sales, lawn sale items and games for kids filled much of the week.

It is my understanding there will be more available about the winners, etc., next week so I will hold off on it and give you all more then with  pictures hopefully.

It has been a hot sultry summer, wells are drying, gardens are dying and I have never seen such lawns as brown as this. Even those nice lawns in the past are brown.  I think we need to pray for rain or get a rainmaker to come to town.  I have watched storms go both sides of the ridge and never deliver us a drop.  That also happened when we first moved here around 30 years ago.  Let’s hope for a long slow ground soaking rain.

Have a great week, stay cool and hydrated.

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