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I’m Just Curious: Words

by Debbie Walker This afternoon has been just wonderful with our first and second graders. I’m not exaggerating. When you introduce words to a child (18 of them) and they get excited about what they can do with these words, their teacher and I couldn’t help but get excited. You see we are word lovers […]

I’m Just Curious: The story of Humpfree

by Debbie Walker I apologize, I goofed last week. I thought I had sent in my column. OOOppps, in checking my computer for “last sent to Townline,” a big OOPS, I had not sent one after the “Mother’s Sayings”. It’s not something I really want to think much about. Today is the day after Thanksgiving […]

I’m Just Curious: Really?

by Debbie Walker I’m not sure how this “New Tiny Houses” thing came about; it has become the newest in home ownership. Newest? That’s my “really?” question. Well, I don’t believe “new” should be included in the term. When I was driving home the other day I saw at least three “tiny houses.” These homes […]