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by Debbie Walker I remember thinking when we got out of school in June: “Wow, I’ll have more time for my projects!” I had been collecting the necessary items to be able to complete those projects. Well, that creates a mess of sorts because the house is not huge. So I also figured I would […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Book report

by Debbie Walker As you may be aware, children in Maine are soon heading back into classrooms across the state, and so am I. After the kid’s book I just read I believe I am possibly looking forward to the first days more than our children. This is my book report: The book I read […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Yummy pickle juice

by Debbie Walker Do you have any idea how many uses there are for pickle juice? I didn’t have a clue. I am passing on more information from my Farmer’s Almanac Newsletter from 7/4/18 (https://farmersalmanac.com/uses-for-pickle-juice-28005). If you enjoy this stuff you really should join if you haven’t already, obviously I am a fan!! I was […]