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GARDEN WORKS: EXTEND SUCCESS! Starting long-season varieties now for best results (Conclusion)

GARDEN WORKS by  Emily Cates For part 1 of this series, click here. The previous article in this 2-part series looked at practical suggestions on starting long-season plants in our climate. We looked at lighting setups, substrate (growing mediums), containers, watering, and climate control. This time, we’ll explore topics of viable seeds, what to plant, when […]

GARDEN WORKS: Kombucha: Hooch or healer?

by  Emily Cates Conclusion: The Making of a “Miracle” Drink Last time we took a look at the popular, yet controversial health tonic known as kombucha, and a few reasons why people drink it. This time, let’s explore a method behind the making of kombucha, highlighting needed containers, ingredients, and how to ensure a successful […]