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ERIC’S TECH TALK – The A.I. Singularity: Are you ready?

by Eric W. Austin In the beginning, claim the physicists, the universe existed as a single point — infinitely small, infinitely dense. All of time, all of space, literally everything that currently exists was contained in this unbelievably small cosmic egg. Then, before you can say “Big Bang,” quantum fluctuations caused it to rapidly expand […]

How local officials are making our schools safe again

by Eric W. Austin “Nothing’s foolproof,” Augusta Deputy Chief Jared Mills told me at the beginning of our meeting on the issue of school safety. “The best laid plans are not going to prevent this from happening.” What is ‘this’? Take your pick. Terrorists and school shooters. Bomb threats and bullying. Our students and teachers […]

Opiates in Central Maine: The Problem of Pain

by Eric W. Austin Her name? It’s not important. She lives right here in China and could easily be your next-door neighbor or relative. You’ve probably passed her going into the post office or exchanged neighborly smiles down at Hannaford. Maybe she goes to your church. In her early 60s, with long, graying hair pulled […]