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China town manager retires after 22 years service

by Eric W. Austin When Dan L’Heureux was hired at the start of 1996, the China Select Board had two primary goals for the new town manager. First, they were looking to foster more economic development in the town. Second, they wanted someone who could achieve a stable mil (tax) rate that could be maintained […]

New community center opens in Vassalboro

by Eric W. Austin Looking at Rachel Kilbride, you wouldn’t think she’s the type to hear voices, but that’s exactly what prompted her to buy the St. Bridget Catholic Church, in Vassalboro, and turn it into a local community center. “I wasn’t planning to retire in Vassalboro,” Rachel told me. A Winslow native, she was […]

China dedicates bicentennial monument

by Eric W. Austin On June 9, Neil Farrington, chairman of the China Bicentennial Committee, along with selectmen Bob MacFarland, Irene Belanger and new town manager Dennis Heath and his wife Mary, together with a small crowd of local citizens, formally dedicated the China Bicentennial Monument to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the incorporation of […]

How local officials are making our schools safe again

by Eric W. Austin “Nothing’s foolproof,” Augusta Deputy Chief Jared Mills told me at the beginning of our meeting on the issue of school safety. “The best laid plans are not going to prevent this from happening.” What is ‘this’? Take your pick. Terrorists and school shooters. Bomb threats and bullying. Our students and teachers […]