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TECH TALK: Firewalls and VPNs, Oh my!

ERIC’S TECH TALK by Eric Austin Computer Technical Advisor This week I’ll talk about two networking related topics that every modern computer user should know about. You’ve likely heard the term “firewall” thrown around in the dialog of movies or television shows during a computer hacking scene — as in, “They’re breaching the firewall, Jack!” […]

TECH TALK: One account to rule them all

ERIC’S TECH TALK by Eric W. Austin Computer Technical Advisor This week, in our continuing series on finding anonymity online, we’re going to address one of the most important ways to ensure your life online is a safe, secure and happy one. Passwords. Remember when the most you had to remember was your ATM pin? […]

TECH TALK: Tracking your every move

by Eric Austin Technical Advisor Remember that story about Hanzel and Gretel leaving breadcrumbs behind them so as not to get lost in the woods? Well, this week’s topic is kinda like that — if Hanzel and Gretel were actually everyone who used the web; the breadcrumbs are your credit card information, browsing and purchase […]