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by Peter Cates Tahra Story Tah 768, one CD, released 2014. Tahra was a historical CD label started in 1992 by Myriam Scherchen, daughter of the conductor, Hermann Scherchen (1891-1966), and her late husband, Rene Tremaine, journalist, producer and voracious record collector. They started the label as a means of releasing previously unavailable tapes, recordings […]


REVIEW POTPOURRI by Peter Cates How I started collecting records: My first encounter with the music of Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) occurred during the spring of 1963, when I was 11. That year RCA Victor had developed the Dynagroove recording process, initially releasing 10 LPs with both mono and stereo editions, and touting the enhancement as […]

REVIEWS – Musicians: Gene Krupa & Anita O’day; Album: Christmas with the Lennon Sisters

REVIEW POTPOURRI by Peter Cates How I Started Collecting Records, Part 6. A chance encounter during the summer of 1962 led to a consuming fascination with classical music that still prevails today. I came into the living room late one warm August afternoon where I found Mom in conversation with a door-to-door salesman. Somehow the […]

REVIEWS: Composer: Johannes Brahm; Film: Hitch, starring Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Kevin James

REVIEW POTPOURRI by Peter Cates How I Started Collecting Records — Continued! Along with the Burl Ives records, there were others given to me. Numerous titles from such labels as Golden Records, Peter Pan and Children’s Record Guild abounded. I remember a Johnny Ray Columbia 45 hit — Just Walkin’ in the Rain – that I […]

REVIEWS: Composer: Prokofiev; Film: Baby’s Day Out

REVIEW POTPOURRI by Peter Cates How I Started Collecting Records- Part 2! With respect to the Burl Ives 78s discussed in last week’s column, I had the privilege of interviewing the head producer for Columbia’s popular records division and later tv sing along personality, Mitch Miller (1911-2010) in 1992 at Houston’s Lancaster Hotel. When I […]