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SCORES & OUTDOORS: It takes many generations of Monarchs to complete migration

SCORES & OUTDOORS by Roland D. Hallee A little while ago, while watching the National Geographic’s channel on television, I saw an episode of a series called Great Migrations, and became very interested in the Monarch butterflies, who are among the most intriguing of the migrating species. The monarch, Danaus plexippus, is probably the best […]

SCORES & OUTDOORS: Big green caterpillar

SCORES & OUTDOORS by Roland D. Hallee Last week a reader sent a photograph of a caterpillar that she couldn’t identify (see photo). The photo she sent shows the Hyalophora cecropia in its fifth instar (stage) of development, or the cecropia moth caterpillar. It is the largest native North American moth. The female moth has […]

SCORES & OUTDOORS: Atlantic salmon restoration steady but slow despite many efforts

SCORES & OUTDOORS by Roland D. Hallee I’ve been reading a lot lately about the fate of the mighty Atlantic salmon. Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar, have long been the target of recreational and commercial fishing, and this, as well as habitat destruction, has reduced their numbers significantly. The species is the subject of conservation efforts […]