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Regional biologist gives opinion

by Nate Gray Regional biologist, Maine Department of Marine Resources Frank (Richards) and I went out in his boat to look at a floating island of weeds.  What I keyed out was elodea Canadensis.  Is it possible I was mistaken?  Unlikely, as I’ve looked at gobs of the stuff but still possible.  Given the level […]

Webber Pond vegetation: weeds or milfoil?

by Roland D. Hallee There appears to be misconceptions, or maybe misinformation, circulating that the proliferating vegetation in Webber Pond is Eurasian milfoil. Nate Gray, regional biologist with the Maine Department of Marine Resources was summoned by Webber Pond Association President Frank Richards to investigate. Gray responded by making a trip to the pond. In […]

Erskine bus schedules, Fall 2016

Students should be at their pick-up points 5-10 minutes before the stated pick-up times for the first few days of school.  Bus fare is $10 per week.  Parents of freshmen are advised to check the bus schedule at New Student Orientation. Pat Vigue – Bus 13 (Palermo Area) 6:25 – Palermo School 6:30 – Turner […]

Red foxes make their presence known

by Roland D. Hallee When we first moved out to camp for the summer in mid-May, we heard something mysterious on our fourth day out there. It was after dark, and from a distance, we heard a wailing, lamenting  siren-like shriek. Everyone around was wondering what was making that noise. At first we thought it […]

IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of August 25, 2016

by Katie Ouilette WALLS, you have so much to tell our faithful readers about, how are you going to write within the word-count?  First, you must thanks Roland Hallee, author of the Scores and Outdoors column in The Town Line newspaper, for telling about the pileated woodpecker.  Yes, they are so beautiful and, frankly, we […]