Carrabec HS 4th quarter honors

Grade 12, high honors: Avianna Boucher, Jade Fortin, Paul Kaplan, Bobbie Peacock, Samantha Taylor and Sara Taylor; honors:  Ian Baker, Whitney Coro, Dustin Crawford, Taylor Cyrway, Allyn Foss, Evan Gorr, McKayla Gray, Eric Libby, Royce Pena’, Sydney Trudeau and Jakob Turner.

Grade 11, high honors:  Rhiannon Ambrose, Jacob Atwood, Kelsey Creamer, Kaitlin Dixon, Bailey Dunphy, Mackenzie Edes, Courtney Fuller, Evan Holzworth and Katrina Mason; honors: Mackenzie Baker, Cyli Bolduc, Emily Buzzell, Patrick Dube, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Michael Hargreaves, Samantha LeBeau and Sierra Turcotte.

Grade 10, high honors:  Tristan Bachelder and Sidney Small; honors: Ethyn Batchelder, Lauren Chestnut, Lillian Johnson, Lindsay Lesperance, Lauren Rafferty and Haley Taylor.

Grade 9, high honors:  Annika Carey, Skylar Karr and Abby Richardson; honors:  Caitlin Crawford, Caroline Decker, Dylan Leach, Scott Mason, Mabel Mouland and Skye Welch.

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