Erskine Academy first trimester honor roll 2017-18

Grade 12

High Honors: Molly Babson, Gavin Blanchard, William Bourque, Madison Boynton, Justin Browne, Jenna Butler, Joseph Clark, Dominic Durant, Cameron Falla, Courtney Gallagher, Ashley Gillis, Sage Hapgood-Belanger, Alexis Haskell, Samantha Heath, Eleanor Hodgkin, Kayla Hodgkins, Amber Rose Holmes, Andrew Jackson, Christopher Jamison, William Jones, Trinity Kibbin-Tamburo, Robert King, Morgaine Kmen, Caitlin Labbe, Noah Labbe, Milo Lani-Caputo, Maverick Lowery, Rivers Malcolm, Joshua Peaslee, Jacob Praul, Seth Reed, Christina Roy, Hunter Rushing, Caleb Sacks, Anthony Sanborn, Seth Savage, Conor Skehan, Katherine Smith, Braden Soule, Briana Strout, Elizabeth Sugg, Willow Throckmorton-Hansford, Mercedes Tibbetts, Megan To, Kassidy Wade, Hagen Wallace, Jacob Wright, Alana York and Peilin Yu. Honors: Austin Ahearn, Dominque Andrews, Brenna Audet, Alex Barney, Mark Barney, Lydia Boucher, Nina Boudreau, Arthur Carey, Shannon Cornett, ArizonaLee Crooker, Mireya Dos Santos, Keara Doughty, Travis Dow, Marshall Dugal, Austin Dunn, Dawn Elliott, Ethan Furlong, Madeline Geidel, Phillip Gilbert, Regina Harmon, Tristan Hawk, Kaleb Hopper, Alicia Hotham, Peyton Houghton, Garrett Keezer, Dylan Keller, Tiffany Kiefer, Haeden Landry, Searra Lord, Alexander Mahon, Tara Maltese, Desiree Mayo, Noah Miller, Myles Nored, Conner Paine, William Pfleging, Zachary Plourde, Nicholas Rancourt, Hannah Reid, Cole Roberts, Austin Roderick, Jessie Sepulvado, Brianna Soucy, Shayleigh Springer, Shaine Staples, Jack Tobey, Caden Turcotte, Ashlyn Wing, Taylr Wood and Jiwei Jeff Ye.

Grade 11

High honors: Jay Austin II, Alec Baker, Julia Basham, Derek Beaulieu, Haley Breton, Abigail Cordts, Devin Davis, Michael Dusoe Jr, Vincent Emery, Alyssha Gil, Annika Gil, Lydia Gilman, Emma Harvey, Keimi Henry, Summer Hotham, Sarah Jarosz, Parker King, Benjamin Lavoie, Eleena Lee, Madison Leonard, Stephanie Libby, Jordan Linscott, Reece McGlew, Jakob Mills, Adalaide Morris, Lyndsie Pelotte, Hunter Praul, Miina Raag-Schmidt, Benjamin Reed, Andrew Robinson, Dominic Rodrigue, Michael Rogers, Alyssa Savage, Shawn Seigars, Taylor Shute, Dominic Smith, Lily Solorzano, Brandon Tibbs, Hailee Turner, Cameron Tyler and Mary-Jane Williams. Honors: James Berto, Adam Bonenfant, Kole-Tai Carlezon, Jacob Cater, Samantha Couture, Colby Cyr, Norah Davidson, Lily DeRaps, Joshua Donahue II, Joshua Duggan, Dominick Dyer, Nathan Evans, Cheyann Field, Jada Fredette, Mitchell Gamage, Boe Glidden, Bryce Goff, Joshua Gower, Clara Grady, Tori Grasse, Nicholas Hayden, Jesse Hayes, Gage Henderson, Nicholas Howard, Ashley Huntley, Emily Jacques, Cameron Johnson, Colby Johnson, Luke Jordan, Zaria Kelly, Marisa Klemanski, Tristan Klemanski, Benjamin Lagasse, Cole Leclerc, William Leeman, Desiree Leighton, Sydney Lord, Brandon Loveland, Shawn Manning, Lexigrace Melanson, Grady Miller, Krysta Morris, Nathaniel Mosher, Alecia Paradis, Joseph Peaslee Jr, Chloe Peebles, Chandler Peele, Matthew Picher, Jareth Pierpont, Morgan Presby, Hailei-Ann Reny, Mitchel Reynolds, Serena Sepulvado, Santasia Sevigny, Nicholas Shelton, Ryan Sidelinger, Kayla Sleeper, Samuel Smith, Alisha Stevens, Jacob Sutter, Nicole Taylor, Courtney Tibbetts, Katelyn Tibbs, Ashleigh Treannie, Matthew Veilleux and Richard Winn.

Grade 10

High honors: Philip Allen, Nicholas Barber, Abbygail Blair, Everett Blair, Jane Blanchard, Samantha Box, Eleanor Brown, Zoe Butler, Cody Devaney, Jacob Devaney, Abigail Dumas, Amelia Evans, Addison Gamage, Margaret Gamage, Hailey Haskell, Paeshance-Rae Horan, Emma Hutchinson, Muzzammil Iqbal, Delaney Ireland, Bryan Joslyn Jr, Madyx Kennedy, Kaylah Kronillis, Sierra LaCroix, Isabela Libby, Emily Lowther, Chiara Mahoney, Jonathan Martinez, Riley Mayo, Michael Nicholas III, Ian Oliphant, Brian Ouellette, Olive Padgett, Courtney Paine, Aiden Pettengill, Sydni Plummer, Harry Rabideau, Kristin Ray, Hanna Spitzer, Emma White, Mollie Wilson, Samuel York and Kelby Young. Honors: Mara Adams, Zoe Bartlett, Kylie Bechard, Paris Bedsaul, Rylee Bellemare, Vanessa Berry, Isabella Bishop, Christopher Bourdon, Trevor Brockway, Emma Burtt, Ethan Cates, Anthony Chessa, Ashley Clavette, Adrianna Cook, Saydi Cote, Joshua Cowing, Joleigh Crockett, Jake Emond,Nathaniel Farrar, Cameron Gifford, Avril Goodman, Patrick Hanley, Avery Henningsen, Braydon Hinds, Nathan Howell, Keith Knowles, Haley Laird, Graydon Leeman, Joanna Linscott, Colby Lloyd, Eva Malcolm, Xavian Marable, Hailey Mayo, Mikala McIntyre, Isaiah Michaud, Alicia Nelson, Tyler Ormonde, Isabella Parlin, Annaliese Patterson, Elek Pelletier, Jacob Pomelow, Allison Roddy, Hayden Rowe, Colby Rumpf, Acadia Senkbeil, Paul Slimm, Hunter St. Jarre, Ariel Stillman, Riley Sullivan, Logan Tenney, Jackson Tirrell, Joshua Tobey and Dylan Wing.

Grade 9

High honors: Anastasia Ames, Griffin Anderson, Isaac Baker, Julia Barber, Alana Beggs, Jacob Bentley, Jack Blais, Joshua Bonsant, Wyatt Brann, Lilian Bray, Evan Butler, Austin Campbellton, Emily Clark, Tabitha Craig, Colby Cunningham, Isabella DeRose, Luke Desmond, Madison Devine, Tiana Dingwell, Alexander Drolet, Cailee Elsasser, Emma Fortin, Samantha Golden, Trace Harris, Isaac Hayden, Grace Hodgkin, Hannah Huff, Rachel Huntoon, Emma Jefferson, Grace Kelso, Taidhgin Kimball, Aidan Larrabee, Robert McCafferty, Wes McGlew, Hayden McMurtry, Adam Ochs, Brady O’Connor, Abigail Peaslee, Garrett Peebles, Kaden Plourde, Devon Polley, Lilly Potter, Sarah Praul, Riley Reitchel, Mackenzie Roderick, Abbey Searles, Shawn Searles, Nathaniel Solorzano, Hannah Soule, Natalie Spearin, Lily Vinci, Samuel Worthley and Hayden Young. Honors: Clayton Allen, Nickolas Berto, Nathaniel Collins, Hunter Colson, Liberty Crockett, Jasmine Crommett, Daniel Cseak, Blaze Cunningham, Caleb Cyr, Kaden Doughty, Abigail Dutton, Kelsie Fielder, Jacob Fisher, Chase Folsom, Wyatt French, Jenna Gallant, Bryce Garcia, Josette Gilman, Thomas Hanley, Larissa Haskell, Skye Havey, Hayden Hoague, Hunter Johnson, Mallory Landry, Lili Lefebvre, Shawn Libby, Madison Lully, Isavel Lux Soc, David Martinez – Gosselin, Kaden McIntyre, Ben Monroe, Christian Moon, Rebecca Morton, John Nutting IX, Connor Owens, Paige Reed, Julian Reight, Parker Reynolds, Kadince Rideout, Natasha Ryder-Lewis, Andrew Shaw, Hugo Smith, Hannah Strout – Gordon, Evan Strout, Daniel Tibbetts, Hannah Torrey, Brennen Wade, Summer Wasilowski and Hannah York.

Erskine tops school spirit challenge, again

Erskine Academy students celebrate by showing off their trophy for winning the School Spirit Challenge Tournament of Champions by raising a record-breaking 196,969 pounds of food. (Contributed photo)

Beginning in September, Erskine Academy, in South China, committed to a challenging mission to once again to collect food and funds to support the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine (GSFB) by participating in WGME13/Fox23’s School Spirit Challenge Tournament of Champions. The School Spirit Challenge (SSC) is a friendly competition between schools to show school pride and spirit, all while helping the community, according to a news release from Erskine Academy Headmaster Michael McQuarrie.

The program is designed to promote the school community and good stewardship with students of high schools in central and southern Maine through an eight-week food drive to benefit the Good Shepherd Food Bank and local food pantries.

This was the second time Erskine participated in the School Spirit Challenge, the first being two years ago, an event which they won handily over the other participating schools thanks to the efforts of many students, parents, alumni, businesses, and friends.

In 2016, Erskine was the School Spirit Champion for having raised nearly 85,000 pounds of food, an amount exceeding the total raised by the second and third finishers combined. Given this accomplishment, the school entered this tournament of champions with confidence. However, since the other competing high schools, also past champions, were all south of Erskine and have larger school enrollments, the collection goal was set at an ambitious 100,000 pounds of food.

Always up for a challenge and a worthy cause, the campaign was kicked off during the school’s homecoming in September. In attendance were WGME 13 anchor Jeff Peterson and representatives from the GSFB and the sponsors of this year’s SSC. The morning kicked off with students arriving at 5:30 a.m. for a tailgate breakfast served in exchange for their food donations.

The campaign continued until November 2 and was a bigger success than the academy ever imagined. The Erskine community pulled together collecting food and monetary donations and supporting the many activities to support the Challenge. Events included “Fill the Bus” with returnable containers, the Fly Like an Eagle 5K Run/Walk, Trivia Night, Trunk or Treat, Open Mic Night, and a dodgeball tournament. Off-campus activities included an EA Parents Food Drive Challenge. An online appeal went out on social media, and many generous donors gave through the Good Shepherd Food Bank’s virtual food drive.

Though initiated by Erskine’s students and faculty, they led what was a broader community campaign, supported substantially by many area businesses and organizations. The academy is grateful to its partners including Albison’s Printing, Augusta Emblem Club #233, B & B Septic Service, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, Borislow Insurance, Brian Reay Plumbing & Heating, Central Maine Pyrotechnics, Darling’s Ice Cream For A Cause, Dutil Enterprises, Fieldstone Quickstop, G & E Roofing, Glidden Construction & Foundations, Harvest Time Natural Foods, Hussey’s General Store, Jackson’s Lawn Service, Kempton Tobey & Son, Kennebec Savings Bank, Knowles Mechanical, Legacy Home Improvements, M.A. Haskell Fuel, MC Disposal, Mid-State Machine Products, Natanis Golf Course, O’Connor GMC-Buick-Chevrolet-Cadillac, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Tobey’s Grocery Store, TRICORP Federal Credit Union, William H. Brewer & Co., and United Insurance Agency. Erskine’s Student Council representatives will soon visit key contributors as part of their “Gratitude Tour.”

Erskine Academy won the competition handily by far exceeding its goal. Erskine raised a record-breaking 196,969.25 pounds of food for The Good Shepherd Food Bank, which is over twice the amount that any of the 60-plus competing schools has raised in the five years and ten seasons of this competition.

About this accomplishment, Headmaster McQuarrie says, “The School Spirit Challenge was for a great cause, and through it, our community engaged in collective problem-solving and activism as we made a significant difference, at least for a time, in the fight against hunger in Maine. We demonstrated, and others witnessed, the dynamism of EA’s values—stewardship, leadership, and relationships—at work. The work ethic, inspiration, and idealism of our young people, in particular, are humbling and heartening.”

In the coming weeks, the school will continue to recognize and thank the many individuals, including alumni from across the country, businesses, and organizations for their generosity and goodwill that aided the effort, strengthened the school community, and fed many hungry people in Maine.

Erskine Academy parent/teacher conferences Winter 2019

(photo credit: Erskine Academy)

Erskine Academy has scheduled Parent/Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, January 16, from 3 to 7p.m., (snow date will be Thursday, January 17). Progress reports will be emailed to parents by January 15.

For those parents who have not yet submitted a primary email address, please stop by the Guidance Office for a printed copy of your student’s progress report. No appointments are necessary as teachers will be available to speak with parents in their respective classrooms. Refreshments will be available in the library.

In addition, a representative from the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) will be at the school to present information about paying for college. The FAME presentation will begin at 5:30 p.m., in the cafeteria, and will end at approximately 6:20 p.m. In addition to financial aid information, the Guidance Department will provide information about course offerings and dual enrollment opportunities.

Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office at 445-2964 with any questions or concerns regarding this information.

Erskine presents Renaissance awards 2018

Seniors of the Trimester, front row, from left to right, Kassidy Wade, Ellie Hodgkin, and Amber Holmes. Back, Peyton Houghton, Jack Jowett, Hagen Wallace and Cameron Falla. (Contributed photo)

On Friday, December 14, Erskine Academy students and staff attended a Renaissance Assembly to honor their peers with Renaissance Awards.

Recognition Awards were presented to the following students: Grace Kelso, Emma Hutchinson, Madyx Kennedy, Kelby (Austin) Young, Delaney Ireland, Jacob Sutter, and Ricky Winn.

In addition to recognition awards, Senior of the Trimester Awards were also presented to seven members of the senior class: Amber Holmes, daughter of Jacob Holmes and Naomi Caywood, of Palermo; Ellie Hodgkin, daughter of Helen Emonds and Dana Hodgkin, of Manchester; Cameron Falla, son of Karen and Michael Falla, of Palermo; Peyton Houghton, daughter of Heather and Shawn Houghton, of China; Kassidy Wade, daughter of Robert and Jamie Wade, of Vassalboro, and Storm and Bradley Kelso, of Vassalboro; Hagen Wallace, son of James Wallace, of Augusta, and Andrea Ando-Albert, of Manchester; and Jack Jowett, son of Tracey and Jeff Jowett, of Windsor. Seniors of the Trimester are recognized as individuals who have gone above and beyond in all aspects of their high school careers.

In appreciation of their dedication and service to Erskine Academy, Faculty of the Trimester awards were also presented to Megan Childs, Consumer and Family Education instructor; Sonia Stevenson, Foreign Language instructor; and Lars Jonassen, Athletic Department Assistant, Coach, and retired Math instructor.

Faculty of the Trimester (from left to right): Megan Childs, Lars Jonassen and Sonia Stevenson. (Contributed photo)

Erskine’s Field Service club to hold craft fair

The American Field Service club trip to Costa Rica in 2014 (photo from Erskine Academy)

The American Field Service club, at Erskine Academy, in South China, will be hosting a first ever Christmas Craft Fair at Erskine Academy on Saturday, December 15, from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. They are giving children in the community an opportunity to get their picture taken with Santa, write letters to the North Pole, buy Christmas gifts, and do their own crafts.

Admission is $3 a person, or $10 a family (3 persons.) All the proceeds will go to the AFS Club’s new humanitarian project in Guatemala: Casas Esperanzas. They are creating their very own house building organization and are building the first house in March 2019. The money raised will go towards tools, lumber, cement, and shipment fees. They are also looking for crafters who would like to sell their product at the Christmas Craft Fair. It is $10 a table, which includes a table and comes with a free breakfast.

For more information, contact Erskine Academy.

New Leos inducted at Erskine Academy

Standing from left to right, Leo Advisor Roxanne Malley, Isabella Parlin, Colby Johnson, Sarah Jarosz, Marina Lavadinho, Julia Basham, Tyler Ormonda, Madyx Kennedy, Dominique Andrews, Hanna Spitzer, Acadia Senkbeil, Jacob Sutter, Sierra LaCroix, Mitchell Gamage, Liz Sugg (Leo Club president). Front, Neil Iverson (District Governor), Kim Haskell (Whitefield Lions Club President), Paula Beach, (past International Director). Leos inducted but absent from photo, Jane Blanchard, Logan Tenney, Brayden Hinds and Danielle Shorey. (Contributed photo)

Seventeen new Leos from Erskine Academy, in South China, were inducted Thursday, October 11, at the Whitefield Lions Club in Coopers Mills. The Leo Club at Erskine Academy sponsored by the Whitefield Lions is the largest in the state and was formed two years ago under the guidance of Whitefield Lions Cal Prescott, Barry Tibbetts, Rod Kenoyer and Erskine Leo Advisor, Roxanne Malley.

Fall 2018 Erskine Academy Parent/Teacher Conferences

(photo credit: Erskine Academy)

All parents of Erskine Academy students are invited to attend fall Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 3rd & 4th from 3:30 to 7 p.m. Progress reports will be emailed to parents by October 2. For those parents who have not yet submitted a primary email address, please stop by the Guidance Office for a printed copy of your student’s progress report. No appointments are necessary as teachers will be available to speak with parents in their respective classrooms. However, to avoid long waiting lines, two separate evenings have been scheduled: Wednesday, October 3 for students whose last names begin with A through I; and Thursday, October 4 for students whose last names begin with J through Z. The Sports Boosters will also have items available to purchase on both evenings.

Please feel free to contact the Guidance Office at 445-2964 with any questions or concerns regarding this information.

Erskine 5K Run/Walk 2018

(photo credit: Erskine Academy)

The 10th Fly Like an Eagle 5K Run/Walk will be held on Sunday, October 14, at 9 a.m., at Erskine Academy. Proceeds will benefit the class of 2019 as well as Erskine’s 2018 School Spirit Challenge. Participants who register by Sunday, October 7, will be guaranteed an official race T-shirt. In addition to runners and walkers of all ages, this is a dog friendly event so well-behaved and leashed dogs are welcome. Interested participants can register online at (for a small additional fee) or by contacting Betsy Benner at

Erskine announces calendar change 2018

(photo credit: Erskine Academy)

Parents and students should be advised that Friday, September 14, will now be a teacher and staff workshop day with an early dismissal for all Erskine Academy students. Students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. Please contact the school with any questions.

Erskine Academy bus route schedule for 2018-19 school year

Students should be at their pick-up points 5-10 minutes before the stated pick-up times for the first few days of school. Bus fare is $10 per week. Parents of freshmen are advised to check the bus schedule at New Student Orientation.

Pat Vigue – Bus 13
(Palermo Area)

6:25 – Palermo School
6:30 – Turner Ridge Road
6:35 – Banton Road
6:40 – Level Hill Road
6:45 – North Palermo Road
7:00 – Weston Ridge
7:15 – Tobey’s
7:20 – Frontier Village
7:25 – Leave Frontier Village
7:30 – Arrive at Erskine Academy

Sheila Wescott – Bus 11
(Chelsea/Windsor Area)

6:12 – Leave Erskine to Tyler Road
6:17 – Weeks Mills Road
6:20 – Legion Park Road/Lamson Road (turn-a-round)
6:23 – Barton Road
6:25 – 105 to Spring Road
6:50 – Chelsea School
6:53 – Wellman Road
6:55 – Route 17 to Windsor
7:00 – Hunts Meadow Road
7:10 – Route 126
7:15 – Vigue Road
7:20 – Route 17 to Route 32 Windsor
7:25 – Route 32 (Rideout’s Store)
7:35 – Arrive at Erskine Academy

Wayne Lacey – Bus 1
(Whitefield-Jefferson Area)

6:25 – Leave Country Corners Store
6:30 – Travel down Route 215
6:35 – Route 126 to Jefferson
6:40 – Jefferson Post Office
7:00 – Intersection of Route 32 & 17
7:10 – Intersection of Route 17 & 206
7:20 – Intersection of Route 105 & 32
7:23 – Choate Road
7:25 – Windsor Neck Road/South Road
7:30 – Kidder Road
7:30 – Arrive at Erskine Academy

Janice Cook – Bus 16
(Windsor/Whitefield/Coopers Mills Area)

6:18 – Leave Erskine- Rte 32 South
6:26 – Maxcy’s Mills Rd
6:28 – Griffin Road
6:33 – Vigue Road
6:37 – Townhouse Road
6:44 – 218N/194N
6:46 – Heath Road
6:50 – Hilton Road
6:52 – 218N //Mills Road
6:59 – Coopers Mills Main Street
7:00 – Windsor Road/Coopers Mills
7:02 – Erskine Road
7:04 – Wingood Road
7:08 – Erskine Road
7:09 – Windsor Road/Coopers Mills
7:15 – Route 105 to Rte 32
7:18 – Route 32 to Erskine Academy
7:30 – Arrive at Erskine Academy

Routes, drivers and bus numbers subject to change.