Carrabec High School announces honor parts

Timothy Richards, Principal, has announced honor parts for the Class of 2019 at Carrabec High School.

Lillian Johnson


Ms. Lillian Johnson, Carrabec’s Valedictorian, is a student who is a strong influential leader in our school. With a grade point average of 99.97, she has completed four Advanced Placement classes, three Honors classes and six dual enrollment classes. Lillian is a student who will be successful in any endeavor she chooses to pursue. Lillian will be attending the University of Maine at Farmington majoring in secondary education. Lillian is the daughter of Wayne and Kim Johnson, of Solon.

Lauren Rafferty


Ms. Lauren Rafferty, Carrabec’s Salutatorian, is a very bright and successful student, always willing to help those in need. Lauren has a grade point average of 99.72, completing five Advanced Placement classes, six honors classes, as well as, three dual enrollment classes. Lauren will be an asset to any organization of which she chooses to become a part. Lauren will be attending Kennebec Valley Community College, in Fairfield, to become a medical assistant. She is the daughter of Leonard and Shawna Rafferty, of North Anson.

Graduation is Friday, June 7, at 7 p.m., in the Carrabec High School gymnasium.

Carrabec High School 2018-’19 second quarter honors

Grade 12

High honors: Lilyana Aloes, Tristan Bachelder, Lauren Chestnut, Lillian Johnson, Lindsay Lesperance, Lauren Rafferty, Dylan Reichert, Taegan Tatakis and Chantel Whittemore. Honors:  Jurney Beane, Gwynith Breault, Brody Miller, Peter Mouland, Cole Rugh and Sidney Small.

Grade 11

High honors: Isaac Boucher, Annika Carey, Ricky Gordon, Scott Mason and Mary-Jena Oliver. Honors: Emily Avery, Cassidy Ayotte, Nevaeh Burnham, Ashley Cates, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Olivia Fortier, Ariel Guinn, Madison Jaros, Riley Maheu, Mabel Mouland and Abby Richardson.

Grade 10

Honors: Aidan Caplin, Jasmyne Coombs, Adam Houle, Ethan Johnson, Chantelle LaCroix, Elizabeth Manzer, Mikayla Oliver, Sarah Olson, Courtney Peabody, Dimitri Turcotte and Haley Way.

Grade 9

High honors: Cheyenne Cahill and Shyanne Holmes. Honors: Emma Baker, Julia Baker, Abigayle Ballard, Elijah Canales, Alexander Cloutier, Xavier Cloutier, Tyler Edwards, Aliyah Grunder, Abigail Luce, Courtney Rollins, Aislinn Slate, Brandon Smith and Garrett Wilson.

Carrabec High School third quarter honor roll spring 2018

Grade 12

High honors: Jacob Atwood, Elizabeth Barker, Cyli Bolduc, Kelsey Creamer, Bailey Dunphy, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Emilee Fortier, Michael Hargreaves, Katrina Mason, Sierra Turcotte; Honors:  Kaitlin Dixon, Patrick Dube, Mackenzie Edes, Courtney Fuller, Evan Holzworth, Sage James, Jackson Lawler-Sidell, Samantha LeBeau, Jazmin Luthy, Peter McAnistan, Kiara Pinkham, Hayley Taylor, Dylan Willette.

Grade 11

High honors:  Tristan Bachelder; Honors: Lilyana Aloes, Lillian Johnson, Lauren Rafferty, Sidney Small, Taegan Tatakis, Makayla Vicneire.

Grade 10

High honors:  Annika Carey, Scott Mason, Abby Richardson; Honors: Cassidy Ayotte, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Caroline Decker, Olivia Fortier, Paige Giroux, Madison Jaros, Dylan Leach, Laney Murray, Jasmyne Pray, Cheyenne Sirois.

Grade 9

High honors: Sarah Olson; Honors: Jasmyne Coombs, Sierra Corson, Lilith Frith, Ethan Johnson, Chantelle LaCroix, Adam Lawrence, Mikayla Oliver, Emily Riggs, Dimitri Turcotte.

Carrabec HS 4th quarter honors

Grade 12, high honors: Avianna Boucher, Jade Fortin, Paul Kaplan, Bobbie Peacock, Samantha Taylor and Sara Taylor; honors:  Ian Baker, Whitney Coro, Dustin Crawford, Taylor Cyrway, Allyn Foss, Evan Gorr, McKayla Gray, Eric Libby, Royce Pena’, Sydney Trudeau and Jakob Turner.

Grade 11, high honors:  Rhiannon Ambrose, Jacob Atwood, Kelsey Creamer, Kaitlin Dixon, Bailey Dunphy, Mackenzie Edes, Courtney Fuller, Evan Holzworth and Katrina Mason; honors: Mackenzie Baker, Cyli Bolduc, Emily Buzzell, Patrick Dube, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Michael Hargreaves, Samantha LeBeau and Sierra Turcotte.

Grade 10, high honors:  Tristan Bachelder and Sidney Small; honors: Ethyn Batchelder, Lauren Chestnut, Lillian Johnson, Lindsay Lesperance, Lauren Rafferty and Haley Taylor.

Grade 9, high honors:  Annika Carey, Skylar Karr and Abby Richardson; honors:  Caitlin Crawford, Caroline Decker, Dylan Leach, Scott Mason, Mabel Mouland and Skye Welch.

Carrabec honor roll


High honors: Ian Baker, Avianna Boucher, Evan Gorr, McKayla Gray, Paul Kaplan, Bobbie Peacock, Royce Pena’, Samantha Taylor, Sara Taylor and Sophia Tsimekles. Honors:  Jacob Bauter, Whitney Coro, Dustin Crawford, Taylor Cyrway, Jade Fortin, Allyn Foss, Mariah Langton, Eric Libby, Abigail Longley, Brooklynn Moore, Elizabeth Rafferty and Sydney Trudeau.


High honors:  Rhiannon Ambrose, Kaitlin Dixon, Bailey Dunphy, Michael Hargreaves, Samantha LeBeau and Katrina Mason. Honors: Jacob Atwood, Mackenzie Baker, Emily Buzzell, Melanie Clark, Kelsey Creamer, Patrick Dube, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Mackenzie Edes, Courtney Fuller, Jackson Lawler-Sidell, Brooklyn Miller and Sierra Turcotte.


High honors:  Tristan Bachelder and Lauren Rafferty. Honors: Lilyana Aloes, Lauren Chestnut, Lillian Johnson, Lindsay Lesperance, Brody Miller, Liam Serafino, Sidney Small and Makayla Vicneire.


High honors:  Annika Carey. Honors:  Cassidy Ayotte, Ashley Cates, Skyler Chipman, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Caroline Decker, Skylar Karr, Dylan Leach, Scott Mason, Laney Murray, Abby Richardson, Dalton Way and Skye Welch.

Carrabec High School 2016-17 second quarter honor roll

Grade 12

High honors: Avianna Boucher, Allyn Foss, Evan Gorr, Royce Pena, Samantha Taylor and Sara Taylor; Honors: Whitney Coro, Dustin Crawford, Taylor Cyrway, McKayla Gray, Paul Kaplan, Mariah Langton, Abigail Longley, Brooklynn Moore, Bobbie Peacock, Sophia Tsimekles and Emily Witham.

Grade 11

High honors:  Rhiannon Ambrose, Jacob Atwood, Bailey Dunphy, Samantha LeBeau, Katrina Mason and Sierra Turcotte; Honors: Kelsey Creamer, Kaitlin Dixon, Patrick Dube, Ariana-Lee Dunton, Mackenzie Edes, Daryl Foss, Courtney Fuller, Michael Hargreaves and Jackson Lawler-Sidell.

Grade 10

High honors:  Lilyana Aloes, Tristan Bachelder, Lillian Johnson and Sidney Small; Honors:  Lauren Chestnut, Lindsay Lesperance, Lauren Rafferty, Haley Taylor and Makayla Vicneire.

Grade 9

High honors:  Skylar Karr and Scott Mason; Honors:  Emily Avery, Cassidy Ayotte, Annika Carey, Jacob Copeland, Caitlin Crawford, Shay Cyrway, Dylan Leach and Abby Richardson.