Enjoying football/cheerleading dance

Enjoying the first Winslow Youth Football and Cheerleading dance are, from left to right, Lindsay, Jaynee, Jacoby, and Jared Bragdon. (Photo by Tawni Lively, Central Maine Photography staff)

Fortier presented with Scout Citizen Award

John Fortier, left, was presented the Scout Citizen Award March 7 by Eagle Scout John Dalton. (Contributed photo)

Family, friends and Scouting volunteers gathered at the Winslow MacCrillis-Rousseau Veterans of Foreign Wars post on March 7 to pay tribute to John Fortier, of Belgrade, upon receiving the Scouting Citizen Award for 2019. The Scout Citizen Award is an annual presentation in the Waterville area to someone in the community who in their daily life exemplifies the high ideals of Scouting such as strong character and good citizenship.

“John Fortier is an outstanding individual,” said Kennebec Valley District Boy Scout Chair Bruce Rueger. Rueger, who is a professor at Colby College, continued: “John is a graduate of the University of Maine Orono, past president of the Waterville Rotary Club, past director of the Waterville Salvation Army, and past chairman of the Board of Directors, at Northern Lights Inland Hospital, in Waterville. He has lived in, and around Waterville, his entire life and has spent it helping other people at all times.”

Approximately 60 people attended the gathering. The event raised $21,000 to support the outreach efforts of Scouting in the Waterville area – the highest amount raised at such an event to date. “We’ll be able to help a lot of needy Scouts and make sure they get a great experience at Camp Bomazeen, in Belgrade,” Rueger said.

During his acceptance speech, Fortier, praised the work of Scouting. “The Cub Scouts and Scouts hold a special place of trust when they take and develop young boys and now young girls into adulthood and then release them to practice their Scout Motto and ‘Be Prepared’ to ultimately become especially accomplished citizens.”

Fortier was a Cub Scout as a youth and spent two years in the local Boy Scout troop. “I benefited from scouting and believe I learned valuable skills that have served me well to my current time. My memory is one of the lessons I learned as a Scout was to keep trying and “stick-to-tiveness.” One vivid memory during a weekend jamboree located at a fairgrounds was no gear or Gore-Tex as we know it today – then the rains came, then the mud and that the primitive gear and tents we had at the time did little to prevent the soaking, shivering and cold. It cemented into my mind the importance of the Scout Motto “Be Prepared.” It is impressive to me in this digital day and age of social media when there are so many distractions and disruptive activities influencing our youth that Scouting has never been a more appropriate and never been a more important activity.”

Winslow schools autism program still productive after 13 years

Front row, from left to right, Samantha Lessard, Joan Brown, Kelsey Steeves, Rachel Leak and Peg Pellerin. Back, Nicole DeRoche, Anne Rice, Joan Varney, Anna Collins and Melissa Hanley, head of the program. (Photo by Tawni Lively, Central Maine Photography staff)

Winslow Elementary School has an Autism Program that services 16 students and has been in place at the Winslow Elementary School for 13 years. They do many social groups throughout the day to help students develop social skills including Lunch Social Groups, Play social groups, and end of day Circle of Friends. The Autism Program has a Sensory Room that allows students to take needed breaks to be successful throughout the school day. The Sensory Room is used by many students enrolled at Winslow Elementary School, not just by the students in the Autism Room. The community is very proud and grateful for this intricate Program and its dedicated teachers and facilitators.

Double winner

Eban Barbeau. (Photo by Mark Huard)

Eban Barbeau, 8, of Winslow, captured first place in both forms and fighting at the 39th Battle of Maine held at Thomas College, in Waterville, on March 23. Eban also placed fourth in chanbara (padded weapons fighting).

Winslow’s unified basketball team enjoying season

Winslow varsity Unified Basketball team and staff all stars. Front, left to right, Cameron Fredette and Noah Gagne. Kneeling, James Mason, Crystal St. Onge, Sage Vance, Melissa Hanley, Katie St. Amand, Grace Paradis, Jocelyn Pooler, Ashton Ervin, Jenna Rodrigue, Julianne Lapierre, Ashley Quirion and Tammy Quirion. Seated, Philip Edwards, Ronnie Mason, Savanna Vigue, Alexis Lint, Cheyenne Raymond, Lilly Harvey, Jessica Levesque, Carly Anderson, Lisa LeClair (coach) and Josh Gordon. Back, Kit Potelle (coach), Riley Loftus, Lori Loftus (coach), Gayle Martin, Darrin Wood, Joe Pfingst, Kenny Hodges, Owen Schuchardt, Tyler Tibbetts, Justice Picard, Isaac Sturtevant, Stefanie Fletcher, Ellen Stewart, Kelly Daigneault, Crystal Pomerleau, Jason Briggs, Art Meneses, Dina St. Amand, Heather Tompkins and Mike Sandoval. (Photo by Mel Gagnon)

Lori Loftus, varsity Unified Basketball coach and special education teacher at Winslow High School, is working towards becoming a Special Olympics Unified Champion School.

Winslow High School participated in a ‘Fans in the Stands’ event which filled the gym with the Winslow Community to watch Winslow schools’ staff members play basketball against the Winslow High School Varsity Unified Team. Earlier in the day, during the school’s winter carnival events, students and staff watched as the varsity girls and boys basketball teams took on the Winslow High School varsity Unified Team. The Unified team won both games.

Kathleen McCowan performed in Muhlenberg College’s fall dance showcase “Moving Stories”

A spectacular evening of ballet, contemporary dance, tap, and jazz, “Moving Stories” showcased exciting new dance works November 8-10, 2018 at Muhlenberg College’s Trexler Pavilion for Theatre & Dance, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The works featured more than 60 students from the department’s dance program, among the most highly regarded programs of its kind. Kathleen McCowan, of Winslow, was one of the dancers in the program.

Winslow girl receives national award from HGHW

Mikayla Reynolds, a senior at Winslow High School, is one of six Maine girls who will receive an award at Hardy Girls Healthy Women’s 12th annual Girls Rock! Awards on March 22. The girls were nominated by their communities to be honored for their outstanding achievements in one of the following categories: STEM, athletics, entrepreneurship, health advocacy, community organizing, and defying the odds for success. Mikayla was chosen for her outstanding achievements in community organizing. Here is what was written about Mikayla for her nomination:

Mikayla Reynolds

“Mikayla is making change all over her community. She is the assistant director of the Out and Allied Youth Theater, a volunteer with the REM community group, the creator of the Clothing Exchange Closet, an active member of the ‘Save the Mill’ Fundraising Committee, in North Vassalboro, and working on organizing a child care center within the mill. She has been involved in the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership institute for three years, a member on the Service Unit for the Girl Scouts, the youth representative of the Poverty Action Coalition and active member at the South End Teen Center, and is spearheading the creation of a needs-closet in this facility as well. Mikayla is on the Lawrence Civil Rights team and has a mind for increasing justice and equality in the world around her. Mikayla has overcome tremendous challenges in her personal life to get where she is now and to propel herself into a brighter future. She is eager to continue changing the world by providing support to those who need it. She strives to make her community become a healthier, safer, and tolerant place.”

Tickets to the event can be purchased here as well as all info about the event: http://hghw.org/programs/girls-rock/girls-rock-awards/.

John Veilleux is Winslow’s police officer of the year

Officer John Veilleux displays his award. (Photo by Tawni Lively, Central Maine Photography staff)

Officer John Veilleux began his career with the Winslow Police Department as a part-time officer in May 2012. Officer Veilleux was hired into the full-time ranks November 2013. The process for Officer of the Year (2018) was unique. The process consisted of all the enlisted employees conducting peer surveys amongst themselves and rating who they believed was most deserving of the award. Once the surveys were completed, the scores were determined by command staff resulting in Officer Veilleux being chosen as Officer of the Year.

Hard work, determination keep Abigail Dudley plenty busy

Abigail Dudley with her awards. (Photo by Central Maine Photography)

by Mark Huard

Abigail Dudley, 12, of Winslow, carries the Martial Arts Creed, Virtues and Pillars with her in everything that she does. It helps her to maintain a heavy academic and athletic schedule. Her schedule includes Jui-jitsu with Shihan Mike Huard, Karate with Sensei Mark Huard and Shihan Mike Huard. She is also a member of Huard’s Sports Karate Team with Sensei Mark and Sensei Jayme Dennis. Despite a heavy schedule with other interests, Abigail has a very high attendance rate.

Recently she was also invited to join Team IPPONE with Sensei Denise Rouleau and Shihan Andy Campbell. This is a huge compliment to Abigail’s skills and training she has obtained with Huard’s Martial Arts.

To add to her already busy schedule, she also takes dance with Mr. Scott and Miss Ariel at Studio One For Dancers during the school year. Then does gymnastics in the summer at the Alfond Youth Center. Also during the school year she participates in after school sports while maintaining an “A” average in her classes at Mount Merici Academy, in Waterville.

Abigail is a four time S.M.A.R.T Ratings State Champion. In 2017, her first year competing in IPPONE ratings she placed fourth in New England in weapons. This past year 2018, she placed third in Kata and Fighting and fourth in weapons in New England. At this years 2019 IPPONE opening tournament, she was a triple crown winner placing first in all three divisions.

Abigail enjoys mentoring and helping the younger students in her dojo and on her teams. Her biggest enjoyment is empowering the younger girls at the dojo, on her teams and that she meets at other tournaments. She finds it very humbling that they want to learn from her and be like her.

Her goal in teaching and helping them is to show they can do and achieve anything they dream. Being a female in martial arts or any other journey you choose, doesn’t have to limit you. Abigail models that through hard work and determination you can do anything.

2019 Real estate tax schedule

2019 Real estate tax schedule


Second half taxes due
Friday, March 29, 2019


Third quarter payment due
Monday, February 25, 2019


Second half payment due
Sunday, March 31, 2019


Third quarter payment due
Friday, March 8, 2019