Agenda for China TIF committee meeting

The China Tax Increment Finance Committee will hold its regular meeting on Monday, May 7, at 6:30 p.m., in the China Town Office.

The public information session will be a review of progress on current initiatives:

  • Bridge replacement and the Causeway Road, by Tom Michaud, Jim Wilkens and Frank Soares.
  • Phase I, bridge replacement, with Joe McLean from Wright-Pierce.
  • Phase II, other site improvements and the need to proceed (parking enhancements, waterfront configuration, boat ramp, and permitting. Phase III, additional parking considerations.

There will also be a revolving loan fund program update, and presentations on the China for  Lifetime Committee, with chairman Christopher Hahn, Alewive Restoration Initiative with Landis Hudson.

Other items at the meeting will include China Lake access, China Forest Trails/Project Learning Tree, Four Seasons Events building.

Finally there will be applications to the TIF Committee for consideration of funding from the TIF resource.

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