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To The Town Line:

Please pay attention when checking out of a supermarket. I have had two occasions when I should have paid more attention. Because they try to get by with the minimal number of baggers, that, in my opinion, is what caused the problem. Back in December I was at Hannaford at JFK Mall, in Waterville. The checkout cashier began to process my groceries before the person in front of me had their bags filled and placed in the cart. When I arrived home, I had five items – that I had paid for – missing from my shopping bags. The store, to their credit, replaced all the items with no questions asked, but I had the inconvenience of having to return to the store.

This past weekend, again at the same store, the cashier started processing the items of the woman behind me before the bagger was finished with my order. Upon arriving home, I noticed two items in my bags that I had not picked up nor paid for. I’m sure upon arriving home, that woman realized she had two items missing. I know exactly how she felt. So, my word of advice: watch the baggers and the cashier when checking out.

Dave C.

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  1. Jamal Sanders
    Jamal Sanders says:

    Your a dumbass fam, this totally couldve happened to you and I understand, but it’s not that big of a deal that you had to blog about it, I used to work at hanaford and when your first getting started it can be difficult. Also when I worked there I never experienced that once, when I checked people out, I would scan there groceries and If I didn’t have a bagger than I would put there things in the bags while completing the order. And never once in the store I worked in did I see this happen… ever. Everybody makes sure one order is complete before starting the next. You had to incidents that happened and you had to write a negative review. I know to you, you might’ve thought “if I write this it could help other people”, but it also can hurt hanaford and it’s pointless for you to do this because what else are you doing when checking out besides watching them handle your goods you purchased. This leads me to another thing which is that when I worked there, customers would ask questions about things related to bagging and ask questions about there order on the screen. So this, in my opinion, is a stupid thing to put on “” and YOU not other people need to pay attention to what’s happening around them.

  2. Jamal Sanders
    Jamal Sanders says:

    my comment won’t even be posted if it has to be aproved by a moderator because I tried to defend hanaford and you went at their necks. But I don’t want to see someone say that because in my experience all the staff except for a few baggers who didn’t care and were terminated early take their job very seriously and try to make every customer happy. Thank you


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