IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of July 14, 2016

Katie Ouilette

by Katie Ouilette

Faithful readers, WALLS hope you are having a wonderful summer.  Especially, since I just met some folks from Oklahoma and we talked briefly about the terrible weather they have experienced so far this summer.  I guess what we believe and what we have heard on TV is absolutely right……..Maine…….the way life should be!  WALLS is sure of that fact, too!!

Problem is, we wonder where all the tourists are.  A pontoon-boat ride around Lake Wesserunsett yesterday proved that folks were either watching television or having their daily nap.  For sure, very few folks were outside, whether paddling a kayak or swimming or riding in their power boat!

Well, WALLS decided that Waves From Wesserunset, the summer lake newsletter, had to be written to excite everyone a bit.  Yes, we did hear that the Lake Wesserunsett Association’s ‘welcome everyone’ cocktail party at the Lakewood Inn was great for seeing folks after so long and WALLS will admit that the weather hasn’t been perfect so far for ‘fun on the Lake.’  Maybe, faithful readers, WALLS will talk about better times next week.

Actually, faithful readers, there’s no time like the present for WALLS to tell you that, today, David Richards, executive director of Margaret Chase Smith Library on Norridgewock Avenue, in Skowhegan, and the Skowhegan Heritage Council set the date for Last Rose of Summer Day, which the council has hosted for six years.  Invitations will be sent to all historical societies and associations in Somerset County and other locations in Maine for Wednesday, September 11, at 1 p.m. at the MCS Library.  We will let all the groups know where there is lunch being served in Skowhegan and the Last Rose of Summer events will be at the senator’s library this year.

By the way, do you know why the Heritage Council has chosen that name for celebrating our beloved Senator Smith?

She always wore a red rose when attending Congressional meetings in Washington, D.C., and, though the red rose will forever be a reminder of this woman who loved her Skowhegan and Maine, we know there will probably never be another ‘Margaret’ for us who knew her.

By the way, if you are not a member of an historical group but would like to attend, please tell our administrative secretary, Cynthia Kirk, at 474-6904.

WALLS say again:  “have a safe and happy summer,” faithful readers.  Don’t forget that Historian Earle Shettleworth will be speaking at the Fairfield Center Grange on July 15, at 7 p.m., and Barb Bailey told me via e-mail today that the event will begin with a BBQ before.  Bon Appetit, too!


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