IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of June 22, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

WALLS, you know very well that I used to own Lakewood-On-Lake Wesserunsett and because you know me well, you realize that I will tell you more about Lakewood’s history, but, right now, I just want to tell you about attending a Spiritualist meeting with a resident of Maplecrest, in Madison.

Oh, she was thoroughly enjoying every minute of what was being said. Yes, you are right that Spiritualists met in Lakewood’s Shanty when the Denis family were owners, but the new owners thought it best to give the Spiritualists one of the Lakewood cottages. So, you know why my Maplecrest resident wanted to “go home,” just as the speaker said that she had a message for me “from the unknown.” I was eager to hear who had a message for me, but Maplecrest’s rules dictated that, unless visiting the doctor, we accommodated the resident. Oh, well, so be it, but I shall always wonder who was sending me a message.

Y’know, WALLS, my grandfather Russell never missed a Spiritualist’s meeting and, though I have never been a believer, I thought about the messages that are referred to those attending the Spiritualists’ meeting, but, today, I was preparing all of your columns, WALLS, for the History House, in Skowhegan, and lo-and-behold, I had an October 2015 issue of The Town Line and the headline read, “Locals deal with paranormal activity.” Now, WALLS, you know I had read this, at the time, but my memory went to the Spiritualist meeting. There were people who had had “ghosts” appearing in their homes. What’s more, when I read, again, of the ‘piano playing’ and the house’s owner seeing a girl playing, I thought of my friend in New Jersey hearing someone playing the piano and singing in a second-story room of an antique home her family had purchased.

Then, memory broke my spell, WALLS. Do you remember when I was cooking and a coffee mug fell off the hook and landed straight up without breaking? Now, that mug remains where it landed and, for sure, that cup didn’t remove the hook that was keeping it in place, until plop!

Am I now a believer? No, but I’m sure curious about these strange things that happen to many of us, without warning and, for sure, without

Well, Walls, we sure have a long time to wait for The Town Line’s October issue, but, just in case our faithful readers have more paranormal experiences, remember that you read a bit about their existence. After all, do WALLS really talk?


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  1. Rev Graham Connolly
    Rev Graham Connolly says:

    The WALLS at the Madison Spiritualist Camp are still talking. Since 1878 dedicated Spiritualists hold a summer season of events here in Lakewood of workshops, service, private readings and message circles.


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