I’m Just Curious: A little fun

by Debbie Walker

By now in our relationship, you know that I love time and money saving tips. I really love the odd ball ones and that’s what I’m studying tonight.

The following information I found in my 2011 “Who Knew?” calendar, plus a few words of my own (of course). The calendar is by Jeanne Boosline Lubin and Bruce Lubin.

Hope you enjoy them:

Got a gluing project and it got messy? Rub a little WD-40 into dried glue and wipe clean. (Where was that bit of news when I glued my fingers together?!)

Got a white dog that gets stains under its eyes? Rub a little vinegar into the fur to remove yellow or brown spots. (You try it first and call me if it works. Wonder if it would work on skin for our dark circles under our eyes?!)

Got a mop that requires replacement cloths? Use baby wipes instead of pricy cloths. Rinse the wipes off before using; they’ll get your floor just as clean (No babies in this house, if I brought those in it would scare Ken into heading for Alaska!)

Got slivers of soap? Cut a slice in the side of a body sponge and slip them inside. Lather up and rinse. They say you’ll get so many suds you probably won’t need to repeat. (How dirty would you have to get to need a repeat job?)

Got grout stains? Use sandpaper between the tiles, don’t scratch tiles. (Know what works great and is easier than sandpaper? Clorox has that tube for taking out stains. Works wonders on grout. This one I have experience with. Kills that mildew crap easily!!)

Got too much dressing on your salads? Put the dressing inside a baby sippy cup and see how that works. (I go buying a sippy cup AND baby wipes Ken will certainly be running!!)

FYI – The color of the White House isn’t just tradition – it’s energy efficient. (Who knew the founding fathers were so “Green” when they chose that color, their choices were probably either white or barn red!!)

Got used tea bags? Let them dry, cut them open and mix with your kitty litter to keep it smelling fresh. (If you don’t use enough tea bags, call mom, she could save you plenty!)

Got diaper rash? Make a paste with about 1/4  cup of petroleum jelly and one tablespoon of corn starch then spread on irritated skin. (Ken honest, there will be no babies in this house unless they are brief visitors!!!)

Got a squeaky door? Spray shaving cream on offending hinge? (Vegetable spray, WD-40 and coconut oil work too!)

Got old wallpaper you want to come off? Use a spray bottle of vinegar and saturate first. Wait a few minutes, it’ll peel right off. (You’d have to wait a few minutes, get out and get some fresh air!)

FYI – don’t use cruise control when it is raining. It could cause you to have an accident. (Retired truck driver Ken says so! And so do manufacturers.)

Got smelly feet? Break up a few sage leaves and spread them inside your shoes. It’ll kill bacteria that causes foot stink. Cut down on how much you perspire by drinking sage tea and give it several weeks for results.

Got toenail fungus? Soak toes in the darkest beer you can find. The yeast attracts the fungus out. They say it’s important not to drink any beer during this treatment. It’ll reverse the effect. (Ken thinks you ought to be able to drink the dark beer and heal from the inside out like drinking sage tea for smelly feet!)

I’m just curious if you have any unusual tips?

Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com subject line: A Little Fun   Tootles!!!!!! (I decided I like that one.)


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