I’m Just Curious: Amazing uses, Part 2

by Debbie Walker

I promised more uses for Lemons, I also found more of the salt, baking soda vinegar, olive oil and Lord only knows what else I have coming. I swear this stuff finds its way to me! True confession is that I haven’t used all these “uses”.

Keep lemons at room temp. it’ll give you more juice. Even better roll, with some strength, the lemon between your hands and counter top. Had not heard this one before but one teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon honey, one cup, it’s supposed to keep your digestion moving, drink every morning. Whiten teeth with half a teaspoon lemon juice, half a teaspoon salt, one cup warm water. Dissolve salt into water; add lemon juice, swish in mouth for one minute, then rinse.

Get rid of old bumper stickers, soak a rag in full strength white vinegar, saturate the sticker, let stand 10 minutes then scrub off. Wipe down windshields with full strength white vinegar. It will remove old bird droppings. Pour full strength white vinegar into spray bottle, spritz over exposed skin and clothing to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Discourage patio weeds from growing between pavers by pouring baking soda into spaces. Eliminate greasy stains in the garage by pouring baking soda on stain; dip brush in water and use it to scrub. Freshen up your car by sprinkling baking soda over seat and floor mats. Let stand overnight then vac it up.

I found this section of another book and I found it interesting:

Bottles for Boots: One liter and other sized plastic bottles are perfect for propping up leather boots. (I already bought things for my boots. Wish I had seen this before!)

Dryer lint: lint you have cleaned out of the dryer you can use as kindling for a fireplace or wood stove.

Guitar pick? Need one? Instead of buying, substitute the plastic fasteners on bread bags. Let me know if it works.

Tennis balls: throw a few old tennis balls into your pool; they will absorb oil from sweat and sunscreen.

Tire pool: You may not have to hunt for a pool. Instead of buying wading pool you can use a big truck tire. Just drape a shower curtain over the tire. Push it down in the center.

Packing peanuts: they last forever so use them in the bottoms of your plant pots for drainage and it makes the pot a lot lighter to handle than rocks.

Just a note: between two and five percent of what we throw away each day is potentially reusable.

Plant food: water from boiling potatoes and pasta. Even the water from a fish tank is reusable, has its own fertilizer!

Okay, I am running out of words so I will finish this by asking you if you would e-mail me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com sub: Uses. Let me know what you tried and how it worked out: Because you know I’M JUST CURIOUS!

see Part 1 here!


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