I’m Just Curious: I just didn’t know!

by Debbie Walker

This column’s information came from Reader’s Digest “Extraordinary USES for ordinary things.” Some evenings I get caught up in the little bits of info and can’t wait to pass it on….. to you!!!!

My favorite “Did you know?” is in the 1920s when an employee of Johnson & Johnson, because of his accident prone wife, invented Band-Aids. He came up with the idea of sticking gauge pads to tape, covering with crinoline then rolling them back up. If his wife got cut or burned she could cut one off…ta-daaa a Band-Aid!!!

My mom says “tin foil” and I say “aluminum foil.” Household foil was made of tin until 1947 when aluminum foil was brought home. Did you know that one?

I knew baking soda had a lot of uses. Recently, I was educated on how to make “Slime” by my niece Haliegh. That’s one use and there are all the known uses. What I had never realized was its usefulness in putting out fires. Keep baking soda near the stove, barbecue, a box or two in the garage, and I am keeping a couple boxes in my truck from now on.

There has always been talks about beers in the past proclaiming New England or Rocky Mountains as their homes, oh and “Milwaukee’s finest,” and, of course, now we have all kinds of new beers right here in Maine! But did you know Pennsylvania has been home to more breweries than any other state?

Bubble Wrap wallpaper? They may have been thinking of padding cells that would make more sense than thinking I want that on my wall for decorating. My niece and I would have a ball breaking the bubbles! And yes, the inventers eventually went into packing supply business.

Thankfully my mom was not one of those “Castor Oil” mothers. Not only fed to kids, it’s also was used in paints, varnishes, lipstick, hair tonic, and shampoo. It was also used in plastics, soap, waxes, hydraulic fluids and ink. Thank you, Mom, for never feeding that to us.

Okay, we are switching now to my OMG Facts calendar for last year for just a note or two. I have no idea if any of it is true; however some seem funny enough to be true:

The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 sandal.

The meaning of the phrase “Pipe Dream” refers to ideas thought up while smoking opium.

The Barbie doll’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. (I had no idea!)

Barbie’s life-size measurements would be 39-23-33, standing 7 feet, 2 inches tall with a neck twice the length of a normal human’s neck.

For my Florida friends: there are more plastic flamingos in the United States than real ones (and most of those are in Florida! Ha Ha!!)

As usual, I am just curious what tidbits you might have tucked away. Please contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with your questions or comments. Don’t forget to check out us online!


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