I’m Just Curious: Just a thought

by Debbie Walker

# When I made my usual trip into Walmart I noticed people at the self-serve registers. I am disappointed when I see people checking themselves through. To me those self-serve registers are one step closer to a cashier losing a job. Not many stores even have people working enough hours for benefits anymore. I don’t want to be part of the demise of another job if I can help it.

# I am not a very political person. I get disgusted with the process and the arguments (oops, I mean discussions). I am sick to death of hearing about what Russia did or didn’t. Which political figure talked to whom?

# I really wish we didn’t have political parties. Watching from the sidelines it seems there is an awful lot of wasted time and effort for the three-plus parties to argue over any subject out there. It doesn’t matter how important the issue, what one wants the other will fight it. What a waste.

# Even the reporters are lame as far as I’m concerned. These people are very much opinionated about the winner or the loser. I want to know if they are really trying to play up their own “no favorites” but are showing they are clearly judgmental. Do they really believe people don’t hear their tone of voice or see their body language?

# Another disgusting matter is the deer ticks. I understand this is basically a man-made mess. More and more people are becoming sick with Lyme disease. My mom always told us kids if you make the mess get back in there and clean it up! So… to whoever is responsible: Clean it up!

# Oh yeah, then we have all the mess about insurances. How about if we get everyone on the same insurance as the senators and congressmen? Either that or put them on the insurance we have or don’t have, whichever the case. Oh yeah, and they need to pay for their own. (And stop taking their families on a government business (their vacation) trip. We know who’s paying what!

Okay, you know this is not a reflection on the newspaper; these are my thoughts, such as they are. I really don’t ever intend to offend anyone, I’m sorry if I have.

AND, don’t forget we have the column on the website for The Town Line and you can look up a past printings as well. I really enjoy Roland’s Scores and Outdoors. I love the stuff about our little critters!!

So… I’m Just Curious about soooo many things. How about you? Let’s keep our childlike curiosity! It’s fun!! Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com sub: Curious

Watch for “In Case You Wondered.” It’ll come out soon!


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