I’m Just Curious: Really?

by Debbie Walker

I’m not sure how this “New Tiny Houses” thing came about; it has become the newest in home ownership. Newest? That’s my “really?” question.

Well, I don’t believe “new” should be included in the term. When I was driving home the other day I saw at least three “tiny houses.” These homes probably were not as fancy as the ones on that Sunday night TV show. However, it is a way for people to have a “home” and not pay rent. It has been going on for a long time.

We have a friend who built what he calls a “camp.” It is small and he works on it as he can afford it. The difference is some of the “tiny houses” are meant to travel, the ones on the way home were not, nor is our friend’s.

I know I am probably not seeing the whole picture but I am seeing some serious problems with moving some of these little “Tiny Houses” down the road. If they want to move around what is wrong with some of the travel trailers?

There are some beautiful “homes” (a home is whatever size and structure you are fond of). The trailers are built for going down the road, wherever your heart desires and to live in with comfort. Some are luxury and some are suited to a rugged camping experience. Storage is everywhere, inside and outside under the trailer. I believe with most companies you can do some customizing, my in-laws used to design their fifth wheel according to their (her!) needs.

I am kind of wondering if this “Tiny House” thing will last a long time. The TV show certainly will not have the run time of “Captain Kangaroo.” I lived in a travel trailer some years back, for a year, and I enjoyed it. We were in Florida and spent a lot of time outside. But even in “weather” we were comfortable. Ken and I spent at least three summers up here in our motor home. We did enjoy those summers even though Ken wasn’t quite as happy as I was contented.

Well anyway, that’s my rant about the “Tiny Houses.” Please don’t hesitate in letting me know your thoughts.


(Copied from The Old Farmers Almanac for Kids)

Little Girl’s Poem About Snow

Charley looked at the snowflakes fair,
Falling so swiftly through the air.
With wonder in her big blue eyes
She looked at the fairies from far-off skies.
Soon she called, “Momma, come look at these things,
Floating as softly as if they had wings
I guess, Momma, the angels up there
Are combing the dandruff out of their hair.

by Cora E Talbot (1865-1938)

With that cute little poem I am trying to build myself up for what is sure to come soon, after all this is Maine. Please contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with questions or comments. Don’t forget to check out our website. Thanks for reading!


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