I’M JUST CURIOUS: T-shirt sayings and confessions

by Debbie Walker

I was not going to do anymore of the T-shirt sayings, honestly I didn’t think there could be anymore out there. Wrong! A couple of them are my all-time favorites. Hope you find a favorite, so far that seems to have be this one: “Training your wife is like trying to baptize your cat!” Let’s see if any of these make you smile.

Physically I’m here; mentally I’m in a galaxy far away.
It’s a beautiful day. I think I’ll skip my meds and stir things up a bit.
I can’t play stupid with you. You’re too good at it.
Mister Rodgers did not adequately prepare me for the people in my neighborhood.
I had my patience tested, I’m negative.
Whew that was close, almost had to socialize.
Crazy is like diarrhea, you can only hold it in for so long.
Keep talking. I’m diagnosing you.
Once in a while someone amazing comes along. Here I am.
Daddio of the Patio
A little gray hair is a small price to pay for all this wisdom!
75 percent of my brain capacity is wasted on song lyrics.
My Bucket List: 1. Keep Breathing
Pretty sure I’m going to be one of those senior citizens who bites everyone.
PUNK: Professional Uncle No Kids
Fun Fact: Alcohol increases the size of the send button by 86 percent.
Life is too short to waste time matching socks.
Okay, so maybe there are more than a couple of new ones I really appreciated:
Hello, Yes. I’d like a refund on my body… It’s kinda defective and really expensive.
Tomorrow – A mythical land where I get all my stuff done. (Just way too true).
Okay now for my two top favorites!
I’m more confused than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles
*** Go Braless …. It will pull the wrinkles out of your face!***

The response to my column last week, about collections, certainly hit home with a lot of people. Ken, my significant other, also found out he was not alone in questioning the ‘hoarding’ possibility. I did make a reference to my having a lot of interests. So next you will probably find out more than you will need to continue to support Ken.

I have wigs!! Some I really enjoy and wear often. There are many others that I save just for wearing to school in some of the stories I ‘act out’ for the kids or for a holiday like green for St Patrick’s Day, red or pink for Valentine’s Day, etc. Some of those my mom actually bought!

I have junk jewelry, when I buy some new piece of clothing I can usually come home and pull out earrings to match. I have been collecting those for at least 50 years! (Man I am getting OLD). In the past few years I have added watches, rings, and the list goes on. I also buy it cheap to take apart and make something else for gifts. I have been known to buy earrings to paint different colors; I use nail polish for colors!

Books, as I mentioned last week, play a big part in my clutter. Books about fairies, Native American nations, kids’ books, my collection of Farmer’s Almanacs, clothes, and the list goes on, really. I am sure you are getting a clear picture and I am running out of this week’s words.

I’m just curious how much you will confess to collecting. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with questions, comments and confessions!


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