Leo Club holds formal induction at Erskine

Above, Leo Club Officers from left to right. Treasurer Hunter Rushing, Secretary Samantha Heath, Vice President Morgan Emond and President Harrison Mosher.

From left to right, Whitefield Lions Club first-year Director Barry Tibbetts, left, pins Erskine Academy Leo Club President Harrison Mosher.

Surrounded by family and friends, Leo Club members participated in a formal induction ceremony at Erskine Academy, in South China, on May 3. The Leo Club is a new club formed in conjunction with the Whitefield Lions Club and Advisor Roxanne Malley. Thirty two students from Erskine Academy have joined the Leo Club.

Whitefield Lion first-year Director Barry Tibbetts welcomed the Leos saying, “In the coming years you will make a lot of choices defining who you are and what you are about. You have made the choice to join the Leo Club and that shows that you think about someone besides yourself. That speaks volumes about you.”

The Leo Club is a way for students to conduct local civic duties, volunteer in the community and develop leadership skills.

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