Letters to the editor, Week of February 1, 2018

Climate change

To the editor:

Isaac Newton, in 18th century England, discovered natural laws which formed a basis for classical physics. One of these relates force and motion. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Recoil.

On the scale of forces now possible with nuclear weapons, Earth’s path in space could be disturbed. Distance from the sun, a skewered axis, irregular tides and flooding.

Strata in the Earth’s crust are like pages in a book. They tell the history of the Earth.

Thus, it may be that another form of life in the distant future may uncover deposits which record two mass extinctions. The age of dinosaurs from a collision with a massive meteor, and the age of mammals followed caused by forces linked to lingering radiation.

Every species has a predator. Even us. Man is his own predator.

Russell Vesecky

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