Letters to the editor, Week of August 24, 2017

Thief among us

To the editor:

To the blonde driving a minivan that had a yellow dog with her.

On August 8, between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m., she took it upon herself to go onto private property, 13 Hime Hill, off the China Neck Road, and helped herself to what she wanted! If she had bothered to find out who owned the property we would probably have given it to her. We are pretty sure she would not allow or want some stranger going on her property and taking what they see that they would like to have. That is called “stealing.” All we can say is now you have to live the rest of your life knowing you are a thief.

Carrol and Susan White
Neck Road, China

Good Samaritan forced from town

To the editor:

I read in the paper the other day, in bold headlines, “Good Samaritan Forced to Leave Town,” because of his act of kindness.

This happened in Florida at a park. The gentleman noticed a little girl who seemed to be lost. He asked her if she was lost, and she replied, “I can’t find my father.” He took her by the hand and went up to people asking them if they knew her or her father? Nobody knew, however, the father noticed the gentleman with his daughter and yelled, “kidnapper,” to which another man tackled this man holding the girl, and threw him to the ground while the father arrived and started punching the man again and again in the face. Once the police arrived they gathered evidence from witnesses who stated that he did, indeed, ask people if they knew the girl or her father. It didn’t matter to the father who didn’t believe anyone and left saying, “I’m glad she is safe.”

Some father, if I would have been the cop I would have arrested the father for assault but the nice man wouldn’t file charges against him. This incident went viral on Facebook and Twitter and the poor man received death threats so severe that he had to leave town for his and his family’s safety.

A note to all you social media people, please reserve your judgment before going along with the Facebook crowd. Perhaps (President Donald) Trump is right calling the media fake news or, at least, in this case, I am sure he is right. In my opinion, the real criminal here was the girl’s father who wasn’t taking proper care of his daughter. Maybe, someone on Facebook should have found out the truth and sent that out viral.

Frank Slason

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