CHINA: Planners OK storage facility

by Mary Grow

At their Aug. 22 meeting, China Planning Board members unanimously approved Troy Bulmer’s application to turn a large garage on his property at 151 Dirigo Road into a storage facility for motorcycles, jet-skis, boats and similar seasonal motorized items.

His plan, Bulmer told board members, is that people will bring in their equipment in the fall, remove batteries and go away until spring. He plans no additional outside lighting, new construction or other external changes.

Board members voted unanimously that no public hearing was needed, given the distance from neighbors’ property, lack of external changes and minimal impact on traffic on Dirigo Road. They found Bulmer’s plan met all ordinance criteria.

The only reservation was about fire protection for the apartment on the second floor, which Bulmer said is occupied. Board members considered requiring changes, like additional insulation above the garage. Ultimately, they left it to Codes Officer Paul Mitnik to determine what, if anything, Bulmer needs to do.

Mitnik said under the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC), he must issue a certificate of occupancy, for which he needs to inspect the property.

Bulmer said if he is required to do extensive rebuilding he’ll abandon the project. After the discussion of Bulmer’s project, board members turned again to review of town land use ordinances, in which Mitnik has discovered inconsistencies and gaps. Board Chairman James Wilkens’ offer to draft clarifications of the first few definitions, as needed, and bring them to the Sept. 12 board meeting was accepted.

Mitnik expects at least two applications will be on the Sept. 12 agenda.

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