SOLON & BEYOND: 4-H’ers provide fruit trays to elderly

Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percyby Marilyn Rogers-Bull & Percy
Solon, Maine 04979

Good morning, dear friends. Don’t worry, be happy!

The Solon Pine Tree 4-H Club met on Saturday, February 10, with Cooper Dellarma presiding.

The members taking foods and nutrition are planning to meet with Mrs. Burbank during the February vacation.

Mrs. Pooler did a demonstration on how to make chocolate chip bars. This was to show the members how to do a demonstration.

Plans were made to do a food sale to benefit the Solon Food Cupboard and a dinner to benefit the club. on Saturday, March 3, which is town meeting day.

After the meeting the members put together 20 food and fruit trays for the elderly. This was one of their community services for the year.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, March 10, at 9:30 a.m., at the fire station. Last years members will be doing demonstrations.

The Solon Congregational Church will be having a bake bean and casserole supper from 5 – 6 p.m., on Saturday, February 17, at the Solon Masonic Hall.

Last week I wrote about the e-mail I had received from the Somerset Woods Trustees about them wanting pictures of ” the most creative, exotic, or elaborate ice shacks” that they will post them on their Facebook page! Another statement on that e-mail read, “Love your forests? Do you want to leave your land to your family but not sure how? There is a video provided by the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine.

The other item in this e-mail starts with, “Are you curious about owls? Owls are now calling to find mates so this is an excellent opportunity to learn their calls. Do you know the call of a barred owl? By mimicking their call, I can attract one or more to my deck!” The person who sent this e-mail, stressed that owls are magnificent birds (but keep your cats inside night AND day)

Speaking of birds Lief and I really enjoy all our little visitors at our bird feeders. This year, for the first time, we have some cardinals, there are three of them, a male, a female and we can’t figure out what the third one is, it has the colors of a female’s body, but it’s head is red. (Can anyone out there explain this?)

A few weeks back I wrote about the 10 commandments for good manners and didn’t have room for all of them and said I would write more when space allowed, so this week I’m printing another of them; Thou shalt speak with kindness: Before speaking to others, consider what effect your words will have. Pause and weigh your words carefully and say them with a quality of softness. A slip of the tongue can inflict needless hurt. Also, remember the language of the body (your posture and your mannerisms) is as important as the language of words. (I have a real hard time with that one, because I have been told by friends and family that my face gives me away every time!)

I would like to thank the Solon Pine Tree 4-H members and their leader, Eleanor Pooler, for the wonderful plate of cookies etc., that was delivered to our door by one of the members recently. Lief and I greatly appreciate being given this gift of love.

And so for Percy’s memoir entitled, The Meaning of True Love: “It is sharing and caring, Giving and forgiving, Loving and being loved, Walking hand in hand, Talking heart to heart, Seeing through each other’s eyes, Laughing together, Weeping together, Praying together, And always trusting And believing and thanking God For each other… For love that is shared is a beautiful thing — It enriches the soul and makes the heart sing!” (Words by Helen Steiner Rice.)

Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines Day!


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