Somerville’s Lily Thompson is STAR student of the month

Lily Thompson

Maine Connections Academy (MCA), the state’s first virtual public charter school, has selected Lily Thompson, an eighth grader from Somerville, as its January STAR Student. Lily was chosen due to her engagement in her lessons and her consistently excellent performance in and outside of school.

Lily enrolled in Maine Connections Academy in 2016, seeking more flexibility to devote additional time to her talents in music and horseback riding. Outside of MCA, Lily plays piano and violin and participates in multiple orchestral groups. Her favorite activity at MCA is the school’s Academic Summits, events where students from across the state come together with teachers and special guests for days of learning and fun.

Lily’s favorite subject is Gifted and Talented Literature Study. Lily enjoys literature study because of the opportunities it gives her to analyze short stories and engage in discussion with her peers. Algebra is her second favorite subject. Says Lily, “[Algebra] is like another language. Instead of words there are numbers. Numbers always have an exact definition, and words sometimes don’t.”

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