IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of November 9, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

WALLS, know what I received? Well, someone wrote a book and sent me the ad entitled A Living History of Western Maine! Really? Well, this is November and, yes, we probably are more interested in bean suppers.

Now, I just happened to have attended the East Madison Historical Society’s meeting and much was discussed about a bean supper on October 28 at the East Madison Grange Hall. So our fair and small town values its history, bean suppers and all.

Yes, faithful readers, you already know that East Madison was the first Madison, until the Madison Paper Industry settled along the Kennebec River. However, you didn’t know that we are very much Madison and the Madison Selectmen had their meeting at our fire hall on Monday, October 23. Yes, WALLS, we are very fortunate that our selectmen recognize us and our importance as citizens of Madison. In fact, WALLS, you have asked about the relationship of both sides of our Lake Wesserunsett. Well, the meeting was, as usual, informative and extremely interesting. The seating was full of East Madisonites, who spoke up and solved problems. Great meeting, faithful readers!

O.K., just as promised last week, sort of, faithful readers. Yes, you were promised laughter, because Halloween is a happy time, but, wouldn’t you know, National Geographic magazine has stolen the show! The cover of the November issue has The Search for Happiness wanting WALLS to tell you all about it. Actually, if you are familiar with the magazine, you know full well that there are pages and pages for the reader and this time, National Geographic has some of the towns in our world that are happy places. Now, faithful readers, don’t all rush to buy a plane ticket, but at least, if you come across the November issue, be happy!

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