Webber Pond president updates on lake conditions

The pool got close to the spillway, but did not overtop.

by Frank Richards
President, Webber Pond Association

By way of update, the winter is going well. We had an extended period of really cold weather. Many days in a row where the thermometer at my house was minus-25 degrees.

Suddenly, there was a radical shift in the jet stream and we had two days of torrential rain with temperatures in the 40s. All of it came off the watershed. No way it could be absorbed by the frozen ground or snow that melted.

Widespread flooding in Augusta and Winslow. No issues with the Webber Dam. Thirty years ago we were advised to keep the pool between a foot and two feet below the spillway to protect against surges during the winter. That’s about three feet of draw at the control gates. It was good advice.

This is a shot of the control gates. As may be seen, there will be no worry about not enough water coming into the lake during the winter.
Photos courtesy of Frank Richards

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