Week of April 6, 2017

Autism awareness growing at Winslow Elementary School

Autism Awareness is growing at Winslow Elementary School. April is Autism Awareness Month and there are many activities planned. Most people have heard about Autism by now, and many even know someone personally who lies somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. At Winslow Elementary School, the Autism program is spreading the word: Kids with Autism want to be included, just like you! Autism is a social communication disorder that makes it difficult for a person to read social cues, interact, and express themselves. They may need to be taught how to make friends, or to read body language. It often affects the way they perceive the world, as well. The buzzing in fluorescent lights may drive them crazy. The sound of a fire drill may be unbearable. Looking into your eyes might be so distracting, they can’t listen to your words. On the other hand, you may know a person with Autism their entire life and never know they have a diagnosis! Every single person on the Autism Spectrum is unique! […]