Donations sought for Windsor’s Bob Brann following surgery

Bob Brann at work in his workshop. (contributed photo)

Receives heart pump implant following years of battling heart disease

Submitted by Kristen Ballantyne, Organizer

When you think of people who have made a difference in our community, Bob Brann is someone who always comes to mind. He has been an active member of the Windsor Historical Society for many years and the driving force behind the structural and historical preservation of many beautiful buildings and landmarks that we all marvel at the Windsor Fair Grounds year after year, these include but are not limited to: The old Somerville School building, the Cole house, the blacksmith shop, the ice house, the museum building and most recently, the rebuild of a 100-foot post and beam building to house a 100-year-old saw mill from Albion. Not to mention, this saw mill was then intricately reassembled into working condition for all to experience firsthand!

Bob’s personal investment in our community has left a lasting impression on us all. He has helped both young and old recognize the value in understanding and commemorating our community’s history by bringing it back to life piece by piece. It is through his dedication and fine craftsmanship, that we can fully experience the story of where we have been, where we are going and how we can all get there together.

As many of you know, Bob has been experiencing congestive heart failure over the last few years which has had a tremendous impact on him and everyone who loves him. Regardless, he has continued to press forward with projects with the help of his faithful crew. His relentless commitment to the community has often got the better of him and resulted in many emergency trips to Portland. Finally, after a long battle, Bob recently underwent surgery for a heart pump implant so his heart can properly pump blood throughout this body. While he is back home and starting to feel better, Bob has a long road ahead especially in consideration of this pandemic. There is a high risk of infection and clotting, so he must be very careful to take care of himself and this new life-saving device. Getting back to his old lifestyle is not something he will be able to do, as even a simple cut from shaving could be deadly. Even just carrying the device has been a task, as it weighs 15 pounds, altogether. There are medical shirts that have compartments built in to them for the ease of transportation, but are very expensive ($80). Meanwhile, the trips to Portland for follow up appointments continue, taking a financial toll on him and his family.

Let’s all come together and give back to someone who has invested so much of his own time, labor and money into our community over the years. While Bob would never ask for help, we feel that it is long overdue! Please consider donating to help Bob with the financial burden of years of hospital bills, travel to Portland for check-ups and other special needs such as medical shirts. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support!

The GoFundMe page for Bob can be found here.


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