IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of September 14, 2017

Katie Ouilette Wallsby Katie Ouilette

Y’know, WALLS, about all you should say to those who are giving so much of themselves this week is a great big thank you. Why? Well, faithful readers, so many are giving so much today. Question is, who comes first?

We might as well begin at the beginning. Ayeh, Harvey comes first, if you say so. Oh, such devastation those poor people in Texas have to deal with in their futures, but so many people from the East have gone to assist and those who couldn’t make the trip have sent clothes and food to help folks who have lost everything. WALLS, can you imagine having to live in a shelter that has been outfitted with cots, donated blankets, and children ‘wondering’ about their pets and toys.

Now, we have Irma’s going on in the Virgin Islands and heading for our U.S.A. Unfortunately, folks on TV are telling us in “this safe State of Maine” that all those who live in the Virgin Islands that there is little gasoline for cars, water or food for people’s health. And, again, there are folks who feel that their volunteering…from nurses and doctors to anyone who can clean-up and hopefully make people’s houses somewhat livable.

Yes, WALLS and faithful readers, a very hearty thanks! is due……but there is more. Our young people started school this past week, so our teachers and helpers and food service cooks and our faithful bus drivers need our deepest appreciation for taking good care of those we love. Yes, and the principals are there…to guarantee all that a school should be for building memories.

Memories? Well, WALLS, at my age of 87-years-young, I still value my principals, teachers and classmates and we of the class of ’48 still meet each other once a month.

Worry? Well, we have a few of those looming. Our Dean and Donna Ouilette are supposed to go to Haiti for their Church in Bellingham, Washington, and we hope that their plans are not disrupted by Hurricane Irma. They are truly loyal to their church and its efforts in Haiti. Frankly, with so much said about our immigrant-folks and whether they should be allowed to stay in our U.S.A., for whatever you have contributed to our country, thank you!

Y’know, faithful readers, when William Philbrick owned a log drive company, our tourist friends loved seeing the logs floating down the Kennebec and Mr. Philbrick used to “bond” those Canadians who came from Canada for the ‘log drive’. When the job was done, they went back to their families. Well, the immigrants to our U.S.A. came as children with their parents and they dream of their futures, just as we did.

Well, WALLS and faithful readers, column space doesn’t allow more words right now, but, surely, you know others that should have a big thanks……so don’t hesitate to say it when you feel it!


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