I’M JUST CURIOUS: A few experiences

by Debbie Walker

Hi! If this column seems to be a little disconnected, it probably is. I have been involved with my latest project that has involved renovating the 26-foot fifth wheel I live in. I had the bench seats at the table removed and the most uncomfortable sleep sofa ever made, removed. I have been told that it was noticed how happy I was that night. Yes, indeed I was and am still. It replaced the aggravated me. I was aggravated because I had to admit I was helpless in this process.

I believe I was just angry because I am finding I am useless on so many of the items on my fix or replace list. Anyway, the benches will be replaced with a small table and a couple of chairs (I can pick those out, move them home and put them in.) The replacement I am wanting for the miserable sleep sofa is a twin sized storage box being the base for my twin mattress to basically make a day bed in my livingroom. Yet another job I can’t do myself, however, I am pleased to hand the job over to someone with experience. I’ll let you know how the job turns out.

I saw something the other day that really upset me. I was in the parking lot of our local grocery store. This poor woman was trying to park, she really needed to be able to back up but the man behind her kept blowing his horn and trying to crowd her out. He wanted that spot. She finally gave up and drove away. What was his urgent need to get into that spot? What did he get by bullying that woman? I was a bit shocked and became very disgusted. It won’t be very many years before that white headed man will be in the age bracket the lady was. What then, who will he bully? I sincerely hope when he gets to that age bracket, that he runs into people with the behavior such as his own.

Do you start picking out seeds for your gardens yet? I ask that because my neighbor and I are starting a little garden here in the campground. We are, what folks here call us, permanent. We live next camp site to each other so that gives us a little room. We decided to do a little garden. He is picking out vegetables that he enjoys. My wish is to grow some loofah. Did you know our loofah sponges are actually a plant? I was quite surprised. But…

Guess what my grandkids may get for Christmas. There is quite a process once the plant is ready to become a sponge. I believe early on the fresh picked ones can be eaten. Sorry, but after reading about making sponges I will pass. There is quite a process to clean them of their many seeds and crusty outside shell. My hope is to give them to my grandkids for Christmas. Won’t that be a hoot? The kids are used to me doing strange gifts and I don’t want to let then down!

Now I am just curious who will send me some comments about their week. Pick any week. I am looking forward to it. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Have a great week!


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