I’m Just Curious: How about if… (part 2)

by Debbie Walker

Recently we printed “How About If”…. I didn’t realize it was going to be renamed “Part 1”. Dr. Suske (33 years Waterville Osteopathic/Inland Hospital) from China sent me an email with more “How About If…” and he gave me permission to share them with you. (ta da – part 2)

How About If…. we are a one language country. We have folks from all over the world. Why do we have to deal with the Spanish language? First I thought okay, our country does butt up to Mexico, Spanish speaking country; however we also butt up to French speaking Canada. Let’s not forget the people here who are Italian, German, etc. and let’s really not forget Native Americans. Again “How About If” we have two languages, English and Sign Language.

How About If…. we welcome and support “legal” immigrants. The people who can and want to work and they will become a strong part of our economy by also paying taxes to support their new home.

How About If….we review our priorities. Our educational system is always being hit to save tax monies. Where are the people we have to rely on for these decisions? We still need to cut down on their spending! (We have governors, senators, Congress and all in between and higher offices that I would like to get a look at their expense accounts).

How About If….. the health care system when presented to us already has from the president on down the government pay scales enrolled in such. The “power” people would then have a vested interest in having a system that may work for us all.

How About If….. all the people who have no problem with the “Pledge” and prayer in our schools spoke up and said, “What the heck,” who did that really hurt? Add a patriotic song and I believe you will be surprised to see the power rise. By using these simple tools we could bring back pride in our country from the little guys up to our elders, those who risked their lives to give us those rights.

Okay now this one is a really big one; How About If…. we start using Common Sense! Of all the “senses” known to man Common Sense is the least used! Encourage those you have influence with to rely and work on their common senses.

I admit that I am naïve about a lot of things; I write simply and often just leave a comment for you to think about. These things are my opinion that I share. With the responses I have received (especially Dr. Suske) I see that I am not alone.

I’m just curious what your thoughts are on some of these things. Thank you for reading and sharing your insights. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com, sub: How about if….

Note: Thank you for sharing Doctor! Have a safe trip home.


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