I’M JUST CURIOUS: Just another thought

by Debbie Walker

I got quite a chuckle the other night when I asked the great computer wizard to show me some of the funny holidays I have heard about in the past. Every month seems to have much more than we see on our calendars!

Example: So many people are in a big hurry to celebrate Black Friday on November 23, but do they know that it is also “Buy Nothing Day?” November 24 is “Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.” I do wish we could have that one every day, oh wait, maybe we can! Onto December Holidays…

If you’re not into the Christmas holiday, I can now assist you with something other than Christmas just in case you want to try something different. I found these on the internet, however I did not authenticate them. I am just hoping to pass on the interest.

You could start out on December 1 with “Eat a Red Apple Day.” On December 2, You could celebrate “National Fritters Day.” A fritter is a fried cake with fruits or meats inside.

Moving onto December 4, we have “Wear Brown Shoes Day.” The origin was not known, but you are welcome to pick this one if it piques your interest. Next day you could jump into “Bathtub Party Day” and bubble yourself into relaxation! Then, of course, on December 6, is “Put on Your Owns Shoes Day” (wonder why they didn’t share the same day as “Brown Shoes Day”).

I hope we will all recognize and honor “Pearl Harbor Day” on December 7, in remembrance of the day Japan attacked the Pacific Flee, in Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

December 12 is “National Ding-a-Ling Day.” No one seems sure of the origination of this but I imagine we could think of something. I guess the celebration can move on into December 13, with “National Cocoa Day.”

How about “Cat Herder’s Day” on December 15? It is suspected a Cat Herder is anyone with 10 or more cats. They also suggested teachers and volunteers with a large group of kids on a field trip would definitely qualify as a Cat Herder. I didn’t start it so you can’t shoot the messenger!

December 21 is “Winter Solstice,” the shortest and darkest day of the year. But it is also “Look on the Bright Side Day” the next day, December 22. Things begin brightening things up again, thus the name.

December 25, yes indeed, is Christmas day, but you already know all that.

December 26 brings us “National Whiner’s Day.” It was founded in 1986 and is for those who like to whine. Seems it had to do with folks who were returning or exchanging Christmas gifts.

“Pepper Pot Day,” on December 29, is to celebrate the soup served to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War of 1777-78. There is a story that George Washington asked if the chef would make it too warm and boost the morale of his troops.

“Unlucky Day” is on December 31. Might be a useful day. It may be a good idea to deal with any bad luck on that one day before the new year starts.

I’m just curious what the other months will have in store for us to celebrate in the coming year. I hope you are enjoying your turkey day and letting everyone know that you are thankful to have them in your life. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com with questions or comments. I’ll be waiting.


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