I’M JUST CURIOUS: Let’s chat

by Debbie Walker

Grab your coffee, wine, etc., and let’s chat. Let’s start with electric fryers. Do you have one? Please write and tell me how you got used to it. I could use all the help I can get. I killed the hamburgers tonight. It’s not fair to the meat. It already died once. I am certainly glad I wasn’t cooking for a guest tonight.

I am only guessing but I am hoping the size of the fryer makes a difference. My friends all have the larger fryers, they are all cooking for families and gatherings. Mine is much smaller and I am not much of a cook in any form.

No, I am not much of a cook. Oh, I got by over the years, no one in my family died of starvation, nor did they die from anything I fixed for a meal.

I was more interested in baking but, even then, there was nothing fancy. Cookies, cakes, and occasionally I would try my hand at making a pie. I especially liked the “Impossible” pie made with Bisquick. That pie made its own crust!! I don’t know how long it’s been since I have made one of those.

There may come a day when I will try my hand at another bread pudding. I just can’t find one down here that I like. I bought one a couple of weeks ago and I know what kind of bread they used but it was nasty! Another one I looked at had that sugary glaze stuff on top.

Is it really necessary to glaze everything? I love chocolate donuts, but it is hard enough to find a chocolate one and if you do it almost always been covered in glaze or chocolate frosting. Yuck.

Frosting, that’s another ‘yuck’! Have you noticed how thick the frosting is on cakes and cupcakes? “Designer” cupcakes. Oh, please. That ranks right up there with “Designer” dogs. Mutts.

Have you seen or can you imagine the size of a stove and oven in a recreational vehicle, that is, except for the campers the size of a house? Let me assure you my camper is not one of those. Oh yeah, and my oven hasn’t worked since I moved into it in July. That’s no hardship here.

If I really needed an oven my daughter gave me her toaster oven that takes up half of my counterspace (the air fryer takes up the rest of the counter). If I get time someday, I may try something. I may have to make my own bread pudding or maybe a meatloaf. Who knows. They say miracles do happen.

That’s enough for one week. I am just curious if you would send me some of your own “kitchen” stories. Please send them to DebbieWalker@townline.org along with any questions or comments. Thank you for reading and have a great week!


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