I’M JUST CURIOUS: Natural resources

by Debbie Walker

I saw this quote on an inspirational calendar: “The greatest waste of natural resources are unused talents and untried ideas.”

In my opinion, the cause of such was/is usually one or a combination of the two – lack of confidence and/or money.

All of this reminds me of a friend who used to play the piano for her own enjoyment. I happened to wake up one night and heard her. I laid there and quietly listened for a while. When I got up she realized I had been listening, she stopped. I asked her why she only played when she was home alone or when the household was asleep.

The wonderful woman was in her 70s at this time. She bought the piano when she was 18. After all those years she still wasn’t comfortable playing for others. Confidence issue.

Imagine if you found out in high school that you have a talent with pottery. In fact, the sale of your high school pottery kept you in pocket change while still in school. When you graduate you lose your access to the supplies and equipment needed to continue to grow your talent. Equipment and supplies are not cheap, and you have to work now to pay for your college expenses. Money issue here.

Have you ever heard anyone break out in song and a fun-loving friend pipes up with, “Don’t quit your day job”, it was just a joke, something stupid to say. Unfortunately, the singer took it to heart and now can’t sing in any situation that would be heard by others. What a shame. Confidence undermined.

Another person uses their writing skills to write newsletters to promote their client base. Despite the positive reactions of the majority, all it takes is one person to pull the rug out from under the writer with his words of “Your writing is too hokey for our clientele”. Remember now, these newsletters have proven quite beneficial to the business, however, the writer now hears those words with every piece they write. What might they have written had it not been for that comment hanging over their head? Confidence is a real issue.

We just don’t know for sure why some are able to proceed with their passion and others fall into the cracks of what might have been.

Sometimes people have a problem supporting a friend, a child, etc., because they are intimidated by the unknown that you represent. Sometimes parents haven’t been to college and just don’t understand the process.

An intelligent child deserves to have a spot with an academic camp for the summer. Money is definitely an issue.

The writer wants to write but it is seen as being a waste of time. Who do they think will read this?

If we could put our fears behind us and just support the unknown. Sometimes an honest conversation might get the program or class, or camp needed. Talk, with teachers, guidance counselor, anyone who may know of a chance that we’re not aware of. Just please encourage, not discourage those natural resources.

I’m just curious what talents or skills you may have hidden. Have a wonderful week and contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions or comments. I’ll be waitin’.


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