IF WALLS COULD TALK, Week of August 11, 2016

Katie Ouiletteby Katie Ouilette

Well, here you are!  Yes, your accolades to Karen Lambke for doing such a superb job in making the Kneading Conference and Bread Fair so successful again this year, and certainly the many who attended the Run of River’s many activities deserve so many thanks for the organizing and hard work to bring fun to the many who attended.  Speaking of ‘attending,’ many thanks to the many supporters, as well.

Next, we shall welcome those who have planned another Skowhegan State Fair for us.  Imagine it, faithful readers, our Skowhegan State Fair is the oldest continually operating fair in our U.S.A.!   WALLS, much has changed over the years with our wonderful fair. Goodness, I remember when women and little girls got all dressed up and the men wore their Fedora hats. What’s more, the walk through the Exhibition Hall brought new and exciting things for folks to learn about, as they met friends and talked-the-talk during the walk.  Those were also the days of fish swimming in the water that had been prepared for them under the grandstand.  Oh, yes, the ‘back gate’ became a reality as we drove past the sign for Joe and Katherine Cayoette’s Somerset Motor Lodge,  The Roxiettes danced to entertain and the Banana Man did likewise every night.  Yes, and we had fireworks after each night show.  WALLS, have you ever wondered why those animals kept their cool and didn’t stampede through it all?  Oh, yes, the horses will race, but only at night, this year!  Well, as Judy Garland once sang:  “Hi-ho, come to the fair.”  Oh, lest you forget, WALLS, the Allan Karns Building is now showing floral displays….but, when we were young, we could ride by or bike past the magnificent display of gladiolas that Allan planted on Greenwood Avenue, in Skowhegan.

Y’know, WALLS, you made some promises to Vi Ferland, of the Skowhegan Garden Club, and you should tell folks about it.  Yes, yes, when she was asked how to ‘let folks know,’ she quickly told them about WALLS.

First, Vi told you about Amanda Black’s creating a beautiful wedding spot for those who prefer to plan an outdoor event.  She is a hair stylist, but she and her husband have purchased a home on Norridgewock Avenue, in Skowhegan, and hope they will have many brides-to-be calling them with a preferred wedding date.  They have also done over the historic barn, in case the couple prefers to not worry about our ‘sometimes’ unpredictable weather.

Secondly, Vi told you about the Skowhegan Garden Club’s planting a tree in honor of Charlotte Tripp, at Coburn Park, on August 16.  10 a.m. is the gathering time.  Yes, Vi told of the many good deeds that Charlotte did when a member of the garden club, and that ‘doing good for people young and old’ was her life’s work.  And WALLS adds (Surprise to Vi and Edna) that Edna Marshall and Vi Ferland are the ‘eldest’ members of the Skowhegan Garden Club.  Y’all invited!

In ‘signing off’ for this issue of The Town Line……….we hear about ‘older’ folks, but we are truly lucky to have folks who remember the goodness of days past.


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