I’M JUST CURIOUS: Cabin fever can take on many looks

by Debbie Walker

How are you doing with your winter this year? I say this year because it is a little different than most. This year winter is following almost an entire year of isolation. Life has definitely been different than most years before it.

The winter months and the weather are usually the reason for some folks to experience cabin fever. Restlessness, irritability, and loneliness are all symptoms of cabin fever. Sound familiar? I believe it sounds familiar to a lot of people who experience a New England winter.

Even if you enjoy aspects of winter such as skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and ice skating, I doubt there are many who enjoy shoveling and driving on slippery roads. It brings its own stress.

Some will experience deeper bouts of cabin fever, actually consider the word depression. Don’t assume family and friends or your neighbors will know to reach out to you to help. If you are aware of what is going on, seek help.

Please keep in mind sometimes it is easy to help others. Maybe just a phone call every few days. Maybe offering to pick up things for someone who really needs to stay isolated due to severe health problems. We can all help someone and that will make us feel better, as well.

I know you still have restaurants that are closed or only open for take out meals. In a normal winter we can always get into conversations with other patrons of that type of business. There are usually interesting conversations and laughs. So many of our servers are the only friendly faces that some people experience in a day. I wonder how many folks had to learn how to make their own coffee!

Don’t forget the children. They have had to deal with the new experience as well. Children miss seeing their friends. Maybe they don’t understand why they can’t visit their friends or other family members. Why can’t we go to the movies? Watching a movie on TV is not like going to the latest cinema movie, they don’t understand why the movie house isn’t open.

School is at best, iffy for some. There are struggles to get these children a good education. Some families are able to be more help than others. It’s a shame but that is the reality. The teachers are limited as well, both in school and in virtual teaching.

Anyway…. I guess what I am asking for is kindness for yourself and others. And that is my two-cents worth on that subject.

Wait, no, I forgot. One more thing. It is winter, and your pets will be forever thankful if you will take a little extra time for them. Don’t assume that having a heavier winter fur coat means they are toasty warm and comfortable.

We are having some cold weather here, too. It’s been in the low 30s several mornings with more headed our way. Our winter days here are similar to your fall weather.

I’m just curious how you are doing with cabin fever. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions or comments. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Other uses than intended

by Debbie Walker

I haven’t done one of these columns for a while now. But have no fear I had not forgotten about these many uses. What I have been doing is buying my “FIRST for women” magazine, every time I see them displayed. Each month two pages are for uses other than originally intended. So… Let’s see what I can find…..

Dryer sheets: Put nail polish remover on a dryer sheet and scrub off that glittery nail polish that comes off with difficulty. Also: use a used dryer sheet to rub down a silver sink and it will sparkle. I believe you can use dryer sheets to clean bugs off car.

Plastic straws: Any time you travel put those pretty, little necklaces in a straw. Open the clasp and slide it down through the straw and put together and close the clasp. Half the necklace is in and half out and there will be no tangles. This works, I have been using it for years. You can use a straw to carry spices, it saves room in your camper.

Oh, this one is neat. It may make you cringe a little but hold back your first thought. If you are having a big party and serve a punch you could use a ‘never used before’ waste can, make your punch with room to spare. Once the party is over, clean it and ta-da you have a new waste can!

Dog hair on the furniture and you can’t find the lint brush. Use a pair of panty hose. Put your hand up into the leg and brush it across the fur. It works.

Stretch panty hose over the bristles of a broom. It will easily pick-up pet fur, dust, or dust bunnies.

Unclog a slow drain? You can experiment with this one. I haven’t tried it yet. Pour one-fourth of a cup of hair conditioner down the drain. Let sit 20 minutes and then pour a pot full of boiling water down the drain. Good luck – Let me know the results.

You can use hair conditioner to soften cuticles. Rub it into the cuticles and then soak the fingers in warm water for a few minutes. Use a cotton swab to push back cuticles.

If you spill cooking oil don’t rush to wipe up with paper towels, they just spread it around. Sprinkle coffee grounds over the oil, give then a few minutes to work then wipe them and the oil up. Should be much easier.

If you have to clean out a fireplace of soot and ash let damp coffee grounds make it easier. Leave on 5 or 10 minutes. The grounds will weigh down the ashes, preventing dust, easier clean up.

Is swallowing large pills difficult for you? Try rolling them in vegetable oil and then swallow, they should slide easily.

Remove stuck on price tags with veggie oil. Soak a corner of paper towel in the oil and rub the sticker. The oil breaks down the sticky part.

One last tip. Before you put on rubber gloves dust your hands with flour. Been on the sandy beach? Sprinkle flour on feet and brush off sand and dirt.

I’m just curious, what are some of the things you have come across? Share, please. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: The Christmas crunch

by Debbie Walker

I wish you the happiest and healthiest New Year! Hope you remember anyone who will be alone for the holidays.

We are all down to “Crunch time” for those Christmas projects, unless you are one of those …… I don’t knit or crochet, but I can cover empty toilet paper tubes with wrapping paper! I can imagine you are wondering, “Why in the world would you want to do that?”

With any luck at all I will be able to send a picture of my finished product to be put in with my column. (If it doesn’t get there, I am making Christmas trees with the tubes and wrapping paper.)

A friend asked me if I could make her eight of these trees. No problem. Remember that number. Last year I used it to package some gifts and not just be a decoration. This appealed to my friend who ordered eight trees. The number grew to 12, no problem, the number has since grown to 17 plus five others of my friends want one. “Crunch.”

I “planned” on starting this process up the first of November. Do you ever make plans like this? (There was no room to store these ‘til Christmas in a 26-foot camper!)

“Things” happen, of course. Nana Dee, of the Wandering Nanas, had open heart surgery November 9 to remove a benign mass. I have been shuttling back and forth to my home and hers for the “Keep Nana convalescing in her own home project,” by her family and friends. She is doing amazingly well. After just a month she has been released by her surgeon.

I have a lady for whom I do errands, grocery shopping and take her to appointments. I also just spend time with her. She has been a friend for years. She is 89 years young and has definitely earned the right to have somebody’s assistance. She is still able to live at home with the assistance of a cleaning lady, a handyman and me. I pick up the slack for her family. They are in Pennsylvania and Australia. I am her Florida family.

Okay, then I have the project of putting together 50 of my “I’M JUST CURIOUS” columns into a booklet for some of my family and friends. Finally figured out that I would make one copy and let one of the office supply stores make the rest of the copies. AND we all have had plenty to squeeze into this past week!

Hoping you enjoy this little added humor:

The traditional English folk song, The Twelve Days of Christmas was revised for a school Christmas program in Donna, Texas. The gift list: twelve fields of cotton, eleven owls a-hooting, ten deer a-running, nine jacks a-jumping, eight bonnets-blue, seven doves a-mourning, six armadillos, five oil wells, four prickly pears, three ruby reds, two Brahman bulls and a mockingbird in a magnolia tree.

“Christmas is the season when people run out of money before they run out of friends.”

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.”

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy, New Year! Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Thank you for reading, as always.

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Baby boomers’ symptoms of aging

by Debbie Walker

I found an interesting calendar at Nana Dee’s (Wandering Nana’s). You just never know what can be found there. This calendar is for no particular year, it’s more a desk entertainment, I am sure.

Anyway, Baby Boomer Blues is published by Great Quotations Publishing Company. I never really understood who or what was a Baby Boomer, at least now I know.

The definition:

• The generation born between 1945 and 1965.
• Most powerful demographic group in America.
• The most politically active.
• The hippest (and the most fun!)

In this calendar there are a few different categories: Symptoms of an Aging Baby Boomer, Baby Boomer Trivia, You Know You’re an Aging Baby Boomer When…., as well as a few more. We are going to start with Symptoms:

You know you’re an aging Baby Boomer when:

• Your fantasy is to have two men – one for washing and one for ironing (ought to have one for cooking, too.)
• You’re into Metal, i.e. Gold teeth, silver hair.
• You’re knees buckle but your belt doesn’t.
• You’ve quit smokin’, drinkin’ and carousin’ and you still don’t feel that good.
• You go to the mall for exercise.
• Your conscience doesn’t keep you from doing things, just enjoying them.
• You wear tank tops as underwear.
• You are too old for the Peace Corps but too young for Social Security.
• You hope you don’t look as old as you feel.
• You don’t mind kissing your kids goodnight, but its hard to wait up for them.
• You buy a sports car for the mileage.
• The president of the United States is younger than you.
• You’d live in sin but there’s no closet space.
• Your favorite night spot is on the couch, in front of the TV.
• You don’t care where your spouse goes, just so you don’t have to go with them.

There are many more, but I want to give you examples of all categories in the next few weeks, when appropriate.

Baby Boomer Proverbs:

• The shortest distance between two points is usually under repair.
• Be true to your teeth or your teeth will be false to you.
• When the body is submerged in water, the phone will ring.
• Exercise daily. Eat wisely. Die anyway.
• A clear conscience is often a sign of a poor memory.
• Tell your boss what you think of him and the truth will set you free.
• There are few problems in life that wouldn’t be eased by the proper application of explosives.
• You can be sincere and still be stupid.
• You have to live life to love life, and you have to love life to live life. It’s a vicious circle.
• If you look like your passport picture you may be too sick to travel.
• It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life. – Irish proverb
• Easy street is a blind alley.
• Gravity isn’t easy, but it’s the law.
• The closest anyone comes to perfection is on a job application form.
• Tell the truth and run.

Okay, well that’s enough for now. I hope they brought a smile to your holiday stressed body. Find a way to relax, it will help get you through the next couple of weeks.

I’M JUST CURIOUS: The holiday season 2020

by Debbie Walker

Okay, so the holiday season of 2020 has begun. It is sure to have some differences for just about everyone. I hope you all had a great turkey day, enjoying good food and loving family and friends.

Included in my family’s celebration was our new little one to introduce to the holiday season. Thanksgiving was a small group of family: grandparents, aunts, and uncles, all looking forward to spending time with six-month-old Addison Grace. She is full of curiosity and two new teeth. Every day is an adventure to her.

Our weather here in central west coast Florida was a bit warmer than yours, we were able to still spend a good part of the gathering time outside without freezing. Now, that being said, I want to tell you that tonight is a reminder for me. A reminder of the cold in Maine. At 9:51 p.m., in Lecanto, Florida, on December 1, it is 36 degrees! I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, however… Just the other day it was in the 80s! Day before yesterday it was 60+ degrees at 7 a.m. This 36 is not acceptable! Good thing it is only supposed to last two days.

OK, I am finished with the latest weather update, I am including a few jokes I found in a book from Reader’s Digest. Laughter, The Best Medicine – Holidays. Published in 2012

“One of the great unsolved mysteries of life is how you can get 24 pounds of leftovers from an 18-pound turkey,” by Robert Green.

“A three-year old’s report on Thanksgiving, ‘I didn’t like the turkey, but I liked the bread he ate.”’ by Art Linkletter.

“Bless oh Lord, these delectable vittles. May they add to thy glory and not to our middles.” By Yvonne Wright.

When my mother began teaching, she was known as Miss Smeed to her grade one students – or so she thought. She found out differently when she met one of the dads the following January.

“I’m so glad to meet you, he said warmly. Do you know it was Christmas before I found out your name wasn’t Mincemeat!”

So writing this column has taken a couple of days of putting together. I have been at Nana Dee’s (Wandering Nanas) for the past couple of weeks during her recuperation from open heart surgery. She had a mass they had to get rid of (like my medical terminology?!) and thankfully it is a total success. That means we will be wandering still!

The follow-up to our weather was this morning’s numbers. Sandy, Nana Dee’s dog, doesn’t care what the temperatures are, she still expects to be walked. Today that was my job. You will have no sympathy for me, I understand. Roxie’s and my time outside was in 28 DEGREES!

I found an article in our local Seniors paper about Surviving the Holidays and the writer was Beverly Thomassian.

One thing she pointed out was Sleep is particularly important. You need about seven hours of sleep. It helps you make better decisions.

Keep active. Try for 30 minutes of activity. Could be exercise, it could just be playing music and dancing or even playing cards.

Keep hydrated by enjoying plenty of water.

Limit alcohol to one drink a day for women and two for men. Do I know why the difference? Of course, I don’t, that kind of stuff irritates me.

You are already sweet enough. Limit sugar.

List the things for which you are grateful. This would be a great thing to do every day just to help create perspective.

I’m just curious what you might add to this. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Old traditions create memories

by Debbie Walker

Oh yeah, it is that time of year, the time to start preparing for the holidays. In a Woman’s Day magazine, April Franzino honored her family’s Thanksgiving tradition of serving dinner to homeless. However, her spin on it is to volunteer at a local food pantry. And, of course, either of these would work any day of any week.

An editor of Woman’s Day, Kaitlyn Pirie, focused her traditions on children. Again, hers was done for Turkey Day. Between dinner and dessert, they play games. They put butcher block paper for a tablecloth. Draw rectangles around each place setting and let them decorate.

Yet another tradition, by Lizz Schumer, of Woman’s Day, wrote that they take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. They like to get moving and continuing conversations. Once they get back, they eat dessert.

Christy Pina, associated with the same magazine, says after dinner her mom asks everyone to write down for what they are thankful, (to me it seems we could do this on a daily basis and it wouldn’t hurt anyone). They all take turns reading them aloud and sharing.

One thing we started doing in my family years ago is called a “Memory Jar.” Because we only get together every so many years the memory jar had multiple uses. My mother and the Maine grandchildren used to enjoy reading about the memories we all had at that gathering. In later years Mom always had it handy. We took that idea and requested memories for Mom’s Celebration of Life party. No one seemed to mind. And we soooo… appreciated the words.

Don’t be afraid to add new traditions and with that thought I would like to recommend a tradition worth adding, for peace in the home:

I believe this applies mostly to the ladies. Year after year I hear women complaining about their spouses awful gifts to them for Christmas. “I don’t know what he was thinking to give me this. What am I going to do with a bread machine, I don’t bake!”

You may have been dropping hints for weeks. HE Won’t Get It. You can drop hints to your female friends, and they will understand but sad to say most men will still be without a clue!

I learned years ago to cut out a picture from a flyer. You are still leaving it to chance. You and I know very often we get to the store and “Oops” it’s gone. There were only three to begin with.

My answer to that was when I find something I want; I buy it, and much to his happiness he doesn’t have to struggle. The other option is order online with him sitting with you or you go to the store together. My history tells me he wants nothing to do with the store, shoppers, etc., so I would buy. Just a suggestion, but in my experience, it made for a peaceful holiday for all.

I’m just curious if you will share some of your traditions with me. You can, find me at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Please share. Thank you all for reading and have a great week!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Do you ever wonder?

by Debbie Walker

Do you ever wonder? Tonight, I am wondering. I am wondering, is there ever going to be an end to these ridiculous phone calls or junk mail? I know I am not alone. So why are we bombarded with such junk?

The phone calls are so we can be entertained with their recorded chatter, must not be important enough to them to put a real person on the line. So, it’s not important enough to me to listen to them. I also want to mention a tip that Eric gave us in one of his columns this year. Be wary, some of those calls that would make you think they are people are also recorded. Their responses are timed to make you think they are listening. You can pick those out by saying, “Excuse me, are you a real person?” Guess what, they will keep talking over your question. I hang up.

It doesn’t stop the calls to just hang up and I am not a big believer in the “Do not call list.” I block numbers whenever possible. Since a lot of these calls are computer generated, they call from multiple numbers and I just keep on blocking. It’s all a big pain in the neck (or lower)!

There are so many companies doing this. On the list are health insurance companies, political surveys, extended warrantee companies, etc. Very often if it doesn’t show a name or name of company on my screen, I am not likely to answer the call.

My own insurance company calls me way too many times and I have now blocked them! Leave me alone. No, I don’t want to do your survey and you wouldn’t want me to at this point. No, I don’t need one of your nurses to come to my home for a checkup, check to see if my medications are right for me. It was my doctor who prescribed this medication and I feel like “too many cooks…”. If I have any questions, I will contact my doctor or my pharmacist with my questions.

The extended warrantee companies have become a joke. I have even seen cartoons that included it. But they keep on keeping on. Give us a break! They are companies trying to sell you insurance. A lot of people are still not understanding. Some people would actually buy this if they didn’t understand. My theory is ‘when in doubt, don’t’, but for some, having some woman on the line telling you “this is the last attempt to contact you before it will no longer be available to you.” I can see a few people intimidated enough to do as told.

Okay, enough of that mess. I am wondering what some of your family traditions are for the holidays. I would love it if you would let me know what some of them are. In the meantime I am just curious what you do with those ridiculous calls. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading. I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Different uses for household items

by Debbie Walker

I have been collecting articles about using every day household items for different purposes. It is time to share my stash that’s getting rather large.

One thing I was surprised to see was about aluminum foil. If you put four layers of aluminum foil together you can use it to sharpen scissors. Just cut through the 4 layers several times. That will clean and hone (sharpen) the blades.

My mom called aluminum foil tin foil because she couldn’t pronounce aluminum. Historically, there was some tin foil that was used for cigarettes and some candy packaging. By the time household foil came out in 1947, most foil was made of aluminum, a lighter less expensive material. (There you go, useless information category.)

Cinnamon can be used to eliminate carpet odor: Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon and I cup of baking soda in a jar. Sprinkle mixture on carpets, let sit for five minutes then vacuum.

Paper clips can be used to hold up a pants zipper. Slip a paper clip in the little hole on the zipper, the other end of the clip goes over the button. You can also use a paper clip to pull up zipper that has lost its little pull tab.

I was surprised to discover this use for club soda. If your pet has a liquid mistake on carpet, saturate the area with club soda and let sit for five minutes before blotting with paper towels. The mineral will deodorize the spot to prevent repeat mistakes.

Would you like to make Jell-O special? Substitute club soda for the water. No need to heat. You can also use other carbonated drinks. I like to make the orange Jell-O with orange soda. If you use a cake mix, you just need one can of soda and the cake mix. It’s a neat trick.

I think this one is interesting: Use club soda and a milk of magnesia tablet. Dissolve a milk of magnesia tablet in one liter bottle of club soda and refrigerate overnight. Next day, stir well, then soak the clipping in the solution for an hour. The soda and magnesium combination will safely deactivate the acids in the paper to prevent yellowing. Lay on paper towel and let dry. Just to be on the safe side make sure you have an extra clipping; I have never tried this one.

I have shared this one before and I think it deserves repeating, it’s that time of year again. Frosted, frozen vehicle windshield and windows. Easy, no scrubbing. All I used was a spray bottle with 91 percent rubbing alcohol. Fill spray bottle with the alcohol and start with spraying windshield, then windows around the vehicle. At the end you will see you are cleared without scraping. You can leave the spray bottle in the car, it won’t freeze. Works like a charm.

This one is cute. Soothe a fussy cat. Soothe the nerves by rubbing 1 to 2 teaspoons of butter on her paws. The urge to lick off the butter with keep her calm.

I am just curious if you would like more of these because I have a lot more! Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org with comments or questions. Thanks for reading and have a great week.

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Interesting thoughts

by Debbie Walker

Oops! I forgot this was supposed to have been in the column for last week, following the title of “Thee Onederful Werld ov Wirds” (from Moments for Grandparents). I forgot I was to send the next part of the article. Here it is as promised, just late:

“Being a grandparent hasn’t made it any easier when attempting to talk with our grandkids. We find that they are into information highways, Reeboks, CDs, roms, and rap. Many of the solid foundational words which we grew up with are long gone from today’s younger vocabulary. Just say some of the following words … they mean two different things to two different generations: square, gay, politically correct, grass, rock music, software, hardware, time-sharing, chip, and low-rider.

“Some things are still basic, foundational … such as love. It’s understood in any language when the actions are seen. Maybe a grandparent is the only person available to that young life who has the patience and time to make the effort to listen, to communicate. Perhaps you may be the only one who can instill life principles into young heads. It’s more like just talking… it’s communicating, it’s caring, it’s loving, it’s spending time, it’s listening creatively, it’s being available.”

ME AGAIN: I doubt anyone who saw the first article expected this turn of events. It is so important if you can be that person in a child’s life. With the words you read in my other column and the words the kids depend on now to communicate, is it any wonder discussions are difficult for both children and adults. Now add to that the fact all the one-line conversations of the texting are not building on any closeness.

One thing I have learned over the years is that it isn’t just children who go through phases, we all do. Can you recognize some of the phases you have been through in your lifetime? I swear I think I go through so many phases that I even do some of them at least twice.

One grandson started drawing when he was a little guy. We were camping a few times and I remember sitting at the picnic table with him; the other adults were busy doing adult things but I chose to sit there with him and ask him questions about what he was drawing or had drawn. Of course, some of it was pretty far from recognizable but then I started seeing the changes over the years. He drew a picture for me one day of MY motorcycle. Believe me, it had some true to form parts and some ‘special’ features. Example: my paper motorcycle could change from a street bike to a motorcycle I could drive through the woods and other features. And there continued to be discussions as he would show me the latest.

When his grandfather and I separated I was afraid there would be no more need for me in his life. However, I was thrilled when he had his mother call me to come to his art show at high school; just as I was requested to go to his high school graduation and then his VoTech welding graduation. I think those little talks were the start of my being included in his life now. It’s wonderful to be included by a teen.

I am just curious if you realize you have made a difference to a child. Let me know your thoughts. I am at DebbieWalker@townline.org. I’ll be waiting. Thank you for reading in your busy days. Have a great week.

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Save a little money

by Debbie Walker

I don’t know where this quote came from, however, I am using it here, “With prices of most necessities rising, I’m glad there’s a way to save tons of money in such a simple, healthy manner.” I haven’t tried most of these, but I will put notes on things I have tried. I hope you enjoy reading the possibilities and trying a few.

Car wax: After your car has been waxed there is still a little wax left over, even on the wax pad. Here are a couple of ideas for leftovers:

Do you have bird feeders on a pole? Rub that pole with the wax pad. Slippery going for the little devils.

Rub some wax on dog’s tags to prevent rust. Or do you have a sticky drawer, a little wax will fix that.

Rubbing alcohol: Rubbing alcohol, for all the work it can do, is a very inexpensive purchase.

Got an ink mark on your leather pocketbook? Dip a cotton swab in alcohol, rub it back and forth ‘til mark is gone. Then dry with hair dryer.

Get rid of musty clothes odors. Fill spray bottle with equal parts alcohol and water, mist garment.

Equal parts 90 percent rubbing alcohol and water. Spray on your iced over car windows and windshield. This works. I would do my windshield first, walk around the car doing windows, get back to driver’s door and windshield was free of ice!

Unclog spray paint nozzle – Aggravating!

Turn can upside down, dip nozzle in a small bowl of alcohol. Wait one minute and rinse under hot water.

Lemon Juice: Lift tarnish off your holiday silverware. 1 tsp. baking soda, 4 tsp. lemon juice, makes a paste. Rub on, rinse off.

Keep cats from bothering plants. Soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it around the rim of planter. Cats dislike citrus scent.

Clumpy rice. If you cook it and get sticky rice add a few drops of lemon juice to boiling water.

Stiff paint brushes. 3 parts lemon juice, 1-part water to boil. Soak brushes for 15 minutes.

Keep ants out. Saturate a few cotton balls with juice and place where ants and other bugs appear. Odor disrupts scent trails.

Petroleum Jelly: Kitty got a hair ball problem? Use your finger and dab it on the cat’s nose. She licks it off. It helps her digestive system.

Candlesticks often get covered with candle wax attached, before lighting rub on jelly. Cooled wax comes right off.

Milk: Take large, difficult pills with milk. Coats and slides easier.

Dry damaged hair. Spray bottle to spritz whole milk onto hair. Wait 30 minutes then shampoo and condition as usual.

Dog smells. Give him a bath, add 1 cup milk to water before putting him in. Massage and then rinse as usual. Smell is much better.

Mouth burn. Ease pain quickly, swish a bit of cold milk around in mouth.

Charcoal: Eliminate static from a radio. Place a piece of charcoal on top of it. It attracts the waves you don’t want to hear. It is supposed to make it static free. I have to try this!

I am just curious about that charcoal business. Contact me with comments or questions at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.