Tina’s Daylilies to donate 20 percent of sales on July 23 to MS research

Once again Tina White, owner of Tina’s Daylilies, will be hosting an annual garden party fundraiser. This is the eighth year that Tina’s Daylilies has held this event. They will have door prizes, refreshments and Tina says “we will have lots of blooms!” Each year 20 percent of the proceeds that day is donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for MS research, along with donations others give that day or on line. “Research for a cure is what we really need”, White says.

Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable, progressive disease that attacks the central nervous system. It is now estimated that one million people in the United States have been diagnosed with MS. This disease most often appears in people between ages 20 to 50, with two to three times more women than men receiving the diagnosis.

“This has become my way of helping find a cure for MS so that we can stop MS completely. It’s a lot of fun to talk with people about daylilies or MS and hear what the connection is for people who come,” she says.

The event will be Saturday July 23, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Tina’s Daylilies, located at 310 East Pond Road, in Jefferson. If you are unable to come to the event but would like to donate to the fundraiser you may go to the event page at www.tinasdaylilies.com and click on the “Donate to NMSS” button. Tina’s Daylilies is open June, July and August each year and always has a donation can there or the online page accepts donation until the end of the calendar year.

Jefferson library children’s 2022 summer reading program

The children’s reading program starts Tuesday, June 21, and will run until August 30, with the final drawing on September 1. For each book a child reads, a ticket goes in for a drawing. A ticket is drawn once a week for a $5 gift certificate for the Jefferson Scoop. At the end of the summer, there will be a drawing for the grand prize of a $25 gift certificate to Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop, in Damariscotta. The Jefferson Public Library’s summer hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 4 – 7 p.m., effective Tuesday, June 21. The library is located in the Jefferson Village School, 48 Washington Road.

Also during the summer, Midcoast Conservancy will be running four programs for children:

June 29 – Fantastic World of Fungi
Davis Stream Preserve , 4 – 5 p.m.

From the mushrooms in your yard to the lichen on a gravestone to the yeast in our bread, fungi are all around us! During this half mile hike, we will explore the mushroom, lichens and other kinds of fungi we encounter and discuss why they are important to the forest and the creatures that live in it.

July 6 – Tree Trek
West Branch Preseve, 3:30 – 5 p.m.

On this one mile hike, we will meet some of Maine’s common trees and learn how to tell them apart from each other. Along the way, we will create a “Tree of Trees” and use it to identify the trees we are seeing around us!

July 20 – Track Trail Scavenger Hunt
Davis Stream Preserve, self guided between 2 and 5 p.m.

Can you find all the animal tracks along this half mile hike? Take a Track Trail sheet with you and draw all the animal tracks you find. Complete the scavenger hunt for a free ice cream cone from the Jefferson Scoop.

August 17 – Macroinvertebrate Mission
Hidden Valley Nature Center, 3:30 – 5 p.m.

Let’s explore the tiny but important creatures that live in our waters -macroinvertebrates. After a brief hike, participants will collect samples of insects and other critters from Hay Bale Pond to identify and learn about.

For more information on the Midcoast Conservancy’s programs, contact Skye Cahoon, MCC Environmental Land Steward at 207.389.5150 or landmcc@midcoastconservancy.org

Jefferson’s Hailey Milliken graduates valedictorian at Maine Connection Academy

Hailey Milliken

Hailey Milliken, a 12th grader from Jefferson, was Valedictorian for last week’s graduation ceremony for Maine Connections Academy, the state’s online charter school.

The in-person ceremony took place on June 3, at Thompson’s Point, in Portland. Milliken will be attending Boston University in the fall, majoring in media science in the College of Communication. Originally from Maine, Milliken lived in many places and attended many schools before joining Maine Connections Academy in 2020.

In her speech to her fellow classmates, Milliken said “Just a few months ago, the idea of speaking in front of a crowd, live, like this, seemed impossible. But here we are. The opportunities and flexibility offered here, at a true online school, have allowed me to thrive. What we are seeing all around is that the current educational system is in desperate need of a renovation. And MCA is one step ahead. And being one step ahead takes you to great places, so: stay one step ahead!”

Milliken took AP courses in literature, calculus and microeconomics—in her own words, “I’m a big reader, I do a lot of writing as well, and I’m really into journalism.” In her opinion, “Online school is the future of education. We were all thrown into it because of COVID but now we see that it can work. More and more students are learning at their own pace, and it’s perfect for diverse learners. Maine Connections Academy really knows how to do it.”

Now in its seventh year, Maine Connections Academy is Maine’s first statewide, tuition-free, online public school for students in grades 7-12.

Scout honors deceased veterans with project over several seasons

Eagle Scout Gary Lawyerson congratulates his grandson Eagle Scout Gabriel Lawyerson after pinning the Eagle Scout medal he received in 1964. (contributed photo)

Receives Eagle Scout rank on Memorial Day weekend

by Chuck Mahaleris

Jefferson Troop #216 Scoutmaster Valerie Drever presents a special hand-made plaque to Gabe. (contributed photo)

Gabriel Daniel Lawyerson, of Troop #216, received his Eagle Scout rank during an outdoor ceremony at Damariscotta Lake State Park, in Jefferson. His grandfather, Gary Lawyerson, earned Scouting’s highest rank in 1964 and proudly pinned his medal on his grandson. Gabe is going to Fort Sill Oklahoma July 7, 2021 for his basic training in the U.S. Army.

His grandfather served in the Marine Corps for 27 years and three years in the Army. Linda, his grandmother, was in the Marines 7-1/2 months (then daughter Amy came along). There are others who served in Gabe’s family. Gary, Gabe’s father, served in the Army four years, Gabe’s other grandfather Leo Peters served in Paratroopers Army 101st Airborne during the Korean War, among many others, of course. His respect and appreciation for those who served in the military runs deep.

The Eagle Scout ceremony was held Friday evening of Memorial Day weekend which is appropriate as Gabe’s Eagle Scout Service Project consisted of taking photographs of 1,200 veteran grave stones at the Maine Veterans Cemetery, in Augusta, on Civic Center Drive. The photos were given to the Bureau of Maine Veteran Services which plans to provide a website family and friends can visit loved ones virtually when they can’t visit in person. His Scoutmaster, Valerie Drever, said, “Congratulations Gabe, you have worked very hard to achieve this honor. Baden Powell would have been proud!”

Gabe’s grandmother Linda Lawyerson assisted him with his project and spoke during the ceremony. “The project was a long process spent over several seasons. I watched him persevere during winter months and overcome all obstacles. I saw him go from being a young man into an adult.”

Gabriel Daniel Lawyerson, of Troop #216. (contributed photo)

Whitefield Lions to donate art supplies

Poster contest winners from 2019. (Contributed photo)

The Whitefield Lions Club will be donating to the local school’s art departments this fall. Due to Covid-19 the WLC was not able to conduct their annual Peace Poster Contest held every October. Every year each of the schools which include Windsor, Jefferson, Whitefield and Chelsea Elementary participates in the contest through their art department. The selected winners come to the club house with their parents and display their art work. A winner is chosen to go on to the district competition. Since the Lion’s Club was not able to hold its competition, they agreed they would contribute to each of the schools art departments hoping to resume the Peace Poster Contest next year.

Jefferson calendars ready for ordering

Teacher Charles Besse plays ball with students at the original Jefferson Village School. Notice that the bats are boards and there are no gloves to be seen. The girls, most with hats and aprons look on. The building still stands in the North Village across from the apartment building which used to be Hoffses and later, Marshall Holmes’s store.

This photo is one of almost 50 vintage photos in the 2020 calendar showing people having fun in ‘the good old days.’ The calendar also has important contact numbers for residents. They cost $10 and may be ordered by calling 549-5258 or 549-5592. (contributed photo)

Whitefield Lions announce peace poster contest winners

First place posters that will move on to the state competition, from left to right, Addison Turner (Palermo), Jade McCollette (Chelsea), Donovan Thompson (Whitefield), and Barry Tibbetts on behalf of Lillian Brooks (Jefferson). (Contributed photo)

The Whitefield Lions club took part in judging Peace Posters from four different schools – Jefferson, Whitefield, Chelsea, Palermo. The contest asked the students to draw the Journey to Peace. At the Thursday meeting, the winners from the contest came to the Whitefield Lions club to receive recognition and awards. The first place winners will move on to the next round of competition. the Lions are an international service group and this competition will eventually display the final winning posters at the United Nations Lions Day.

Winners from Palermo Elementary School, from left to right, Brody Worth, Lion Kim Haskell, Addison Turner and Mara Mangin. (Contributed photo)

Winners from Whitefield Elementary School, from left to right, Lion Kim Haskell on behalf of Katie Shaw, Ory Winchenbach and Donavon Thompson. (Contributed photo)

Winners from Jefferson Elementary, from left to right, David Winchenbach and Kaylee Lappen. Absent from photo, Lillian Brooks. (Contributed photo)

Winners from Chelsea Elementary, from left to right, Trinity DeGrenier, Lion Kim Haskell and Alyssa Pullen. Absent from photo, Jade McCollette. (Contributed photo)

Local Naval boatswain underway

U.S. Navy Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Fuels) 2nd Class Joshua Plummer, from Jefferson, mans a fuel line on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) in the Atlantic Ocean, on November 5, 2019. The John C. Stennis is underway conducting routine operations in support of Commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Grant G. Grady)

Erskine Bus Schedule – Fall 2019

(photo credit: Erskine Academy)

Chelsea Run:​ ​Sheila Westcott Bus #2 (Chelsea/Whitefield/Windsor)

1. Leave Erskine – 6:10
2. At Legion Park Rd. – 6:20
3. Barton Rd./Jones Rd. – 6:28
4. Route 105/Route 32 – 6:30
5. Route 32/Route 17 (Rideout’s) -6:38
6. Chelsea School – 6:45
7. Hunts Meadow Rd. – 6:55
8. Hunts Meadow Rd./Cooper Rd. 7:00
9. Hunts Meadow Rd./Route 126 – 7:05
10. Route 126/Vigue Rd. – 7:10
11. Route 17/Route 32 (Rideout’s) – 7:20
12. Route 32 to Erskine – 7:30

Whitefield Run: ​ Mark Johnson Bus #6 (Whitefield/Windsor)

1. Leave Peaslee’s – 6:15
2. Route 17 Country Corners Store – 6:17
3. Route 17/Route 32 (Rideouts) – 6:22
4. Maxcy Mills Rd. – 6:26
5. Griffin Rd. – 6:28
6. Vigue Rd. – 6:35
7. Townhouse Rd. – 6:37
8. Heath Rd. – 6:46
9. Hilton Rd. – 6:52
10. Route 218 Sennott Rd. – 6:59
11. Route 218 Cookson Ln. – 7:01
12. Cooper Rd. -7:03
13. Wingood Rd. – 7:05
14. Cooper Rd. – 7:09
15. Windsor Rd. – 7:12
16. Route 105 – 7:20
17. Route 32 – 7:22
18. Route 32 Crosby Rd. – 7:23
19. Route 32 Elm Ln. – 7:24
20. Route 32 Choate Rd. – 7:25
21. Route 32 to Erskine – 7:30

Jefferson Run:​ Mike Lamontagne Bus #3 (Jefferson)

1. Route 32/Route 215 6:22
2. Route 32 North Mountain Rd. – 6:24
3. Jefferson Fire Station – 6:29
4. Route 32/Orffs Corner Rd. – 6:34
5. Goose Hill Rd./Hodgkins Hill Rd. – 6:38
6. Goose Hill Rd./Washington Rd. – 6:42
7. Valley Rd. – 6:43
8. Valley Rd./Route 17 – 6:48
9. Route 17/Route 32 – 6:54
10. Route 32/Route 215 N. Clary Rd. – 6:56
11. Route 215 N. Clary Rd./Route 126 – 7:00
12. Route 126/Route 218 Mills Rd. – 7:03
13. Route 218 Mills Rd./Route 17 – 7:07
14. Route 17/Route 32 Rideout’s – 7:12
15. Route 32 to Erskine – 7:21

Palermo Run:​ Wayne Lacey Bus #5 (Palermo/Somerville/Windsor)

1. Leave Tobey’s – 6:15
2. Route 3/Branch Mills Rd. – 6:17
3. Branch Mills Rd./North Palermo Rd. – 6:20
4. North Palermo Rd./Level Hill rd. – 6:26
5. Level Hill Rd./Boots & Saddle Rd. – 6:36
6. Route 3 – 6:37
7. Route 3/Turner Ridge Rd. – 6:40
8. Turner Ridge Rd./Route 105 – 6:49
9. Route 105/Turn Around Somerville School – 6:53
10. Route 105 Dodge Rd. – 6:58
11. Route 105/Route 32 – 7:03
12. Route 32/Choate Rd. – 7:07
13. Choate Rd./South Rd. & Windsor Neck Rd. – 7:10
14. South Rd./Weeks Mills Rd. – 7:15
15. Weeks Mills R./Kidder Rd. – 7:17
16. Kidder Rd./To Erskine – 7:20

Live auction and yard sale at St. Giles in Jefferson

A canoe will be among auction items Aug. 24 at St. Giles, in Jefferson.

A canoe, a table saw, nail guns and other serious tools, three days at an Arrowsic cottage on the water, horseback riding lessons, bicycles, new infant/child gear and clothing, homemade jams and pickles, a basket of green cleaning supplies, QuickBooks help – these are among the offerings at the Saturday August 24, St. Giles Jefferson silent and live auction and yard sale.

Added attractions will include a homemade pie sale, with dozens of choices, with a focus on fruit pies. There will be burgers and hot dogs from Bill’s grill, a homemade children’s quilt, a boat trip on Belfast Bay, home-organization sessions with a professional organizer, an organic produce basket, a new under-seat rolling suitcase, an antique table and lamp, and many “treasures” at garage sale prices.

Hours of the event are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the church hall and under the pines in the church yard. The silent auction will end at noon and the live auction will begin at 12:30 p.m. St. Giles Episcopal Church is located at 72 Gardiner Road, in Jefferson, a quarter mile west of the junction of Gardiner Road (Route 126) and Bunker Hill Road (Route 213). Hope to see you there. For more information, call 549-7872, or 215-3420.