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ERIC’S TECH TALK: What is “intelligence” in the age of A.I.?

by Eric W. Austin In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) increasingly integrates into our daily lives, from virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles, the question of what constitutes ‘intelligence’ becomes increasingly relevant. Is it the ability to solve complex problems, the capacity for creative thought, or something more elusive? When we witness machines performing tasks […]

Will A.I. break the future? (TLDR: yes, yes it will)

by Eric W. Austin Can machines think? How do we even define thinking, and how can we recognize it in anyone other than ourselves? These questions are becoming increasingly important as recent advancements in artificial intelligence blur the line between human cognition and digital simulation. The progress made in language processing through the use of […]

The Wreaths Across America caravan stops in China

by Eric W. Austin The Hannaford parking lot in South China was unusually crowded on Sunday, December 11, as the Wreaths Across America caravan stopped in China on its way to Arlington National Cemetery, in Virginia, to lay wreaths during this holiday season on the graves of America’s fallen heroes. The caravan consisted of semi-trucks […]