I’M JUST CURIOUS: More interesting ideas

by Debbie Walker

At least I hope you find them interesting….

It’s not fun digging around in the dark when you realize you forgot to plug your cell phone into a charger. You might try putting a strip of Velcro on your charger to hold it in place where you can easily find it. Mine is on the head of my bed. It has saved me some time, don’t have to hunt anymore.

Did I tell you I am an assistant stage manager for a local play? One of my jobs is to help actors and actresses whenever I can. The other night one of the performers marked up their handbook with a highlighter for their parts. That was a no-no. They were concerned because they couldn’t erase it. Actually, it is pretty easy, got a lemon? Cut a lemon in half. Rub a Q-tip in the lemon juice. Wipe the highlighted sections and watch it disappear.

Ladies (and gentlemen) have you experienced a razor burn? Itchy, and painful red bumps. Do yourself a favor, use a cotton ball and apply witch hazel to your skin once dried from a shower. It will minimize inflammation, redness and fends off infections.

Would you like some help taking a sticky price tag or label off? Saturate a cotton ball with witch hazel, hold it on the sticker for 30 seconds. It will dissolve the bonding. (Now I know why my great-grandmother kept some in her house.)

I haven’t tried this yet, but I certainly intend to. Allergies leave my under eyes puffy. I read I should put my witch hazel in the freezer until chilled. Once chilled moisten cotton pads with the solution, placed over eyes for five minutes, ta-da! less puffy. If it tightens skin under the eyes, why wouldn’t it do away with face wrinkles?

Do you have a need to light a fire? To speed up the process place a few corks in a jar, add enough rubbing alcohol to cover, seal the jar and let soak. Next time you need to start a fire, drop soaked corks under the kindling. That will speed things up.

I am hoping you don’t mind if I, once again, print my little Christmas thought for little kiddos. I know you understand that I am an avid reader, and as such, I hope to see my little great-granddaughter enjoy reading, also. You can be absent Christmas morning but still be part of it. I have picked out two of the same story book. One I keep and one I give her. I pick a time with her mother that would be good to read to her on Facebook, face to face but miles and miles away, it’s a gift to us both.

I hope when it comes to gifts for your older, senior citizens, how about gift certificates. If they have a favorite store that they would never allow themselves to “Spend that kind of money on themselves.” There are also certificates to get her or him such as oil changes, car detailed, just put on your thinking cap.

I am just curious what things you might think of for gifts. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org . Have a great week.


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