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I’M JUST CURIOUS: The right place

by Debbie Walker I read an amazing theory on Facebook, a computer social program, I have no idea who is the author, but I am impressed with the words of wisdom. If you already saw this, I hope you will enjoy the premise of the theory again. A man was giving his daughter the gift […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Starting with downsizing

by Debbie Walker Are you planning a downsizing or just want to clean up a little like maybe spring cleaning? Did you put away all your Christmas decorations? Come now, haven’t you found one or two things you forgot? In the Woman’s World magazine dated March March 28, 2022, there is an article Surprising Down […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Strange home remedies

by Debbie Walker My newsletter from Farmer’s Almanac dated 2/22/22 is titled , 20 Strange Remedies That Work looked like something to share and maybe a few extra comments. As with any other column dealing with health issues, please don’t take my word for it. Questions? Discuss with your doctor or nurse. Let’s start: 1. […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Hiding your treasures

by Debbie Walker Some people have money/jewelry they prefer to keep in a “hidy hole” (oops, that’s day care speak) instead of a safety deposit box. Sometimes when you need your hidden treasure, if it’s in your home it is available to you 24/7. In hiding your treasures there are some of what I see […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Home, sweet home

by Debbie Walker Here’s wishing everyone felt that way, the warm memories of home. I love my little home but right now I am having a little bit of a hard time keeping anything in place. I know I am like Dolly Parton: trying to put 25 pounds of flour in 10-pound bag. It sure […]