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I’M JUST CURIOUS: Experimenting

by Debbie Walker It finally happened. I got a little too curious! No, I am not trying out a new recipe that just won’t happen. However, I did decide to try something I have written about, without personal experience! My son-in-law was looking at some old woodworking tools that were just loaded with rust. Before […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Bored? Not me!

by Debbie Walker Whenever I hear adults or children say they are bored. I just cringe. Bored? I don’t have any idea what that feels like. I have seen Ken, on a rare occasion, when he says he’s bored. It usually means he’s between jobs around the outside of the house or in the garage. […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: The $100 race

by Debbie Walker My son-in-law shared a four-minute video with me this past week. The title of it is Life of Privilege Explained in a $100.00 Race. In fact, if you would like to view it on computer just type in the title in your search bar. The premise behind this race appears to be […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: The silent abuser

by Debbie Walker Have you ever been surprised when someone you know ends a relationship because of abuse and you had no idea? It’s hard to believe there was anything wrong because you ‘didn’t see or hear it’. This is the role of the silent abuser. The silent abuser has had years to wear down […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Doggy information

by Debbie Walker I don’t know how many columns I have written, and I just recently realized I have never written anything about our pets. So… here goes: I came across the most recent Reader’s Digest and it has a great article about dogs and cats titled What Pets Want You to Know. A professor […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: For my garden

by Debbie Walker (Something a little different) In the garden of my life there are many colored plants. I choose mine because of my attraction to their colors or combination of colors. I plant mostly perennials because they are always there, even when they are resting and waiting for the next blossoming period. Sometimes friendships […]