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I’M JUST CURIOUS: Time to think

by Debbie Walker I believe I had just a few too many minutes to think today. That happens sometimes. All I had was a little bit of driving time today but that is all I needed. I hope you will once again, bear with my opinions. Remember please, these are my opinions, not those of […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: A collection of tidbits

by Debbie Walker Well, I’ve been reading again. That, of course, means I have some tidbits to share with you tonight. These are all coming from the 2021 Farmer’s Almanac. I love those little books! They are loaded with ideas and information, not just the weather or gardening. So much more. I’ll share these with […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: Illusory truth effect

by Debbie Walker Have you ever heard the term “Illusory Truth Effect”? I went looking for an answer and found it on Wikipedia, a website on the internet. My question was, “If you hear something enough does it become real?” The following is what I learned: “Illusory Truth Effect is the tendency to believe false […]

I’M JUST CURIOUS: The Christmas crunch

by Debbie Walker I wish you the happiest and healthiest New Year! Hope you remember anyone who will be alone for the holidays. We are all down to “Crunch time” for those Christmas projects, unless you are one of those …… I don’t knit or crochet, but I can cover empty toilet paper tubes with […]