I’M JUST CURIOUS: My question for you – part 2

by Debbie Walker

My Question For You (2)

Hello again. Last week’s column asked you to keep it or maybe your “rememberer” work’s better than mine and you didn’t forget what I wrote. So we are going to add a bit more to last week’s words.

Okay, onward. When people tell you how wonderful you are to them and how much they appreciate you, just listen. And then say thank you, that’s all you have to say.

Now there is always the chance that someone won’t return your smile. That is no reflection on you in any way. I really doubt that they are saving their face from cracking, I think they just haven’t learned yet how blessed they are.

I can be very evil sometimes. At the pharmacy I go to in Florida there is this red headed young woman who always had a sour look on her face and could be rather curt with customers, including me. Oh, look out! There is my challenge! At first I was rather put out by her because everyone else there is so friendly, I almost complained one day but I decided that wasn’t going to fix anything. Sooo, she became my challenge. No matter how sour she was that day I acted like she was being friendly, and I just kept on being me. I would purposely ask her questions that she would have to answer, and I always was smiling with her. I won that little girl over. It took almost a year but I did it! People really do want to be noticed, to know they aren’t really invisible and sometimes it only takes a smile. They are blessed by you and you by them.

From a Woman’s World magazine in 2011:

“You are a Blessing! It’s easy to wonder whether you’re making a difference in the world. After all, you’re just one person. Every smile you smile, every hug you give, every encouraging word you say and every kindness you show has a greater impact than you can imagine. One person can make a difference. Especially when that person is you.”

How about a little change here. I saw these ketchup uses in my First magazine and decided to share them with you.

Did you ever imagine using ketchup on bug bites? Mosquito bites are itchy. For quick relief apply a bit of ketchup on the spot for three minutes. It will help minimize itch and irritation.

Use ketchup as a make-believe paint for little ones. They can paint with it and if they eat it there will be no harm.

Ketchup can wipe away insect splatters on your vehicles. Cover the affected areas with ketchup and let set for 20 minutes, allowing the vinegar to breakdown the stuck-on gunk. Give the area a good scrub before rinsing well and buff dry.

Reveal a beautiful glow. Simply apply a thin layer of ketchup to your face, leave on for 15 minutes while you relax then rinse off with water. A smooth, glowing complexion for pennies.

I am hoping you will pass on the blessings to others. I am curious what you have for results. Questions or comments, contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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