I’M JUST CURIOUS: Did you know?

by Debbie Walker

I have been scanning some of my magazines today and kept coming across little bits of information that I decided to share with you. I understand if you are not interested in all I found, but maybe some part of it. I hope.

So…Halloween: Neighborhood tricker treating, as we know it today, started in the 1930s. The tricks associated became out of control during the Depression. Communities needed a better way for kids to celebrate. Sugar rationing during World War II put a big damper on the tradition. It regained the Halloween custom in the 1950s. (Info came from MyHomeTownCitrus.com)

Next… Quaker Oats introduced instant oatmeal in 1961. Did you know the picture of the man on the box is not a real character, but he is affectionately known as Larry! (Woman’s World 9/19/22)

Bazooka bubblegum came out in 1947, not long after World War II. It had a wrapper of patriotic red ,white and blue, with a name likely in homage to the wrapper developed during the war. (Woman’s World 9/26/22)

The animated short A Wild Hare was released in 1940, introducing the character of Bugs Bunny. “What’s up, doc?” was the first line he said to Elmer Fudd. (Woman’s World 7/25/22)

Lassie premiered in 1954. The collie named Pal, who ended up playing Lassie, had originally been rejected because he was a male. (Woman’s World 9/12/22)

The AARP had a section in the paper from the October/November and the article is called Money Saver. It’s comparing then and now. Bananas: 1990 = lbs ‘$0.53, Today: $0.64. Levi’s 501 = 1990: $32.00 Today: $69.00. Medicare Part B premium: 1990 $28.60, Today $ 170.00.

Miracle Cleaners that I found in Woman’s World dated 7/29/19 : Preserve wood furniture with an olive oil polish. Mix one part olive oil, one part vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice.

Clean Kitchen counters: 3 oz. spray bottle halfway with water, then add a squirt of dish soap and two Tablespoons of rubbing alcohol .

Lift soap scum with a hot spritz: In a spray bottle mix one cup baking soda, ½ cup of dish soap, ½ cup of borax, one Tablespoon of white vinegar and one cup of warm water.

Now ladies, here is a few smiles for you: Seven Things You’re Sure Your Husband Will Never Say:

1. “The mall? Can I go, too? “

2. “Do these Dockers make my butt look big?”

3. “Beer? Nah! I’ll have sparkling water instead.”

4. “Why don’t we call your mother right now.”

5. “Honey, where did you leave the vacuum?”

6. “Which channel is Lifetime, again?”

7. “Let’s just cuddle.”

The Farmers Almanac listed some weather folklore and popular sayings that might help you get ready for the snow.

A halo ’round the Moon means ’twill rain or snow soon.

If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long.

For every fog in August , there will be a snowfall the following winter.

If there is thunder in winter, it will snow seven days later.

I am just curious if any of those sayings are accurate. You have your snow warnings, and we have hurricane warnings. After we get through this one, I will tell you a story. Thanks for reading and contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org.


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