LETTERS: MaryAnne Kinney a hard worker

To the editor:

We have two individuals running for the Maine State Senate in District #11 who offer very different views of how we, the voters, should be represented. Both have established a record for themselves that should be a deciding factor when we vote in November. Character counts as well along with experience in state government.

Having known MaryAnne Kinney for many years both in the community, personally, and by paying attention to her voting record it is easy to report on her qualities: she is absolutely honest, forthright, personable and she keeps her word. Look at the record she has made as a member of the Maine House of Representatives promoting the interests of our farmers and veterans – she is on both committees. Her record can be found at https://legislature.maine.gov/house/ under Roll Calls. It is a list of votes looking after children’s education, reinforcing parental rights, backing first responders, and protecting us from the freewheeling spending policies of Chip Curry.

Do you have a taste for maple syrup? A visit to MaryAnne’s business, Kinney’s Sugarhouse, will validate her integrity (first class products) and business sense (a successful long running and expanding operation) – both of which we need in the Maine Senate. Yes, she is a hard worker and a community volunteer. Please let these facts and comments help you to make a good choice in the coming election: MaryAnne. And help spread the word on an outstanding, sensible, supporter of our families and community.

Vote “Kinney”!

Philip G. Carthage

LETTERS: Changing vote to Hemenway

To the editor:

With only one month ahead of us to election day, we must now research and determine who our treasured votes belong to. I have decided to vote for Stephen J. Hemenway based on policy and principle beliefs solely.

Jan Dodge is a lovely individual but her voting history does not represent what is best for the families and citizens of Maine. Jan sponsored LD684 that supports schools over parents. LD684 initially removed parental and guardian rights to watch or listen to academic instruction when delivered remotely. Fortunately, the unauthorized persons, i.e parents and guardians, was amended in committee. If this had not happened Jan would have removed your parental rights to involve yourself with your child’s academic instruction via the internet.

In January of 2019 Jan co-sponsored LD434, an act to price/tax carbon pollution in Maine. This act would have raised all of our heating bills which are already unaffordable. Jan should stop penalizing the people of Maine and assist them to seek more affordable energy sources. Community, state, and federal governments should explore all clean energy sources and seek affordability to utilize those sources. Fortunately, this act too died in the house.

Fellow citizens of Maine we must take our votes seriously and vote for the representatives who align with the best outcomes for today and tomorrow. Do your research on all incumbents before you vote. This year I am changing my vote and voting for Stephen Hemenway for District #39.

Stephanie Guerry

LETTERS: We must protect our children

To the editor:

Let me preface this letter by saying I’m a Conservative Republican. I’m that because I believe in a strong border, the right to life, and the strength of family. I met Steven J. Hemingway several times and he told me that when he saw the legislation pushed by Jan Dodge to keep parents from listening to their children’s classes while online learning is being conducted, well he got my attention. We have seen what the lefts agenda and the NEA’s agenda toward parents is. Labeling them as domestic terrorists.

Jan Dodge supports a version of this by wanting to exclude parents from knowing what their children are being taught. The greatest gift given to men and women are their children. They belong to them not the teachers unions or the government. This is why I support Steven J. Hemingway in this November’s election. We must protect our children from anything or anybody from indoctrinating them with an agenda or mindset that undermines family. Thank you.

Alva Philbrook

LETTERS: Family support Hemenway

To the editor:

Our family would like to express our full support for Stephen J. Hemenway for State Representative House District #39. We have known Stephen for over 10 years and align with his conservative values and want him to support our district and protect Parental Rights and Educational Freedom. Stephen J. has our vote on November 8. Thank you.

Eric & Linda Leppanen

give IT. get IT recognized as sole nonprofit certified electronics reuse and recycling service in New England

Founded in 2002, in Searsport and Belfast, as the PCs for Maine computer access and literacy program and recently renamed ‘give IT. get IT.’, the organization has continued to provide businesses, nonprofits, and schools with sustainable electronics recycling practices as the only service of its kind in New England.

give IT. get IT. is certified to the R2 International Best Practices Standard, the highest industry standard for data security, environmental impact, compliance, and health safety in electronics reuse and recycling and has been recognized as the only third-party nonprofit program with this credential throughout New England. By removing e-waste, or electronic waste, from landfills and the environment, the company concentrates its efforts and recognizes the inherent value of reusable tech for community benefit via refurbishing computers for low-income families who need computers to achieve their educational and employment goals.

“At Sappi, sustainability encompasses the three elements of social, environmental and economic responsibility. However, sustainability is not about philanthropy or saving the planet at any cost, it’s about making responsible decisions in the context of running a profitable business,” articulates give IT. get IT. Board Chair and former Sappi Paper IT Service Center Manager Marty Duggan. “give IT. get IT. helps organizations be sustainable. Companies’ e-waste supports people in the community, helps the planet with responsible reuse and recycling, and reduces disposal costs with donations of reusable equipment.”

The improper handling of e-waste can lead to environmental pollution and injurious human health effects, with some scrap components containing chemicals such as lead, barium, and mercury. Considering the environmental impact of the issue, these chemicals have the potential to contribute to site disposal degradation and can leach into permeable surfaces such as lawns and porous asphalt. By employing recycling practices within the organization’s procedures, give IT. get IT. has processed 6.6 million pounds of electronics and diverted 1.7 million pounds of electronic refuse toward community betterment, refurbishing technology for general and educational uses.

Belfast Senior College fall session begins Sept. 2020

Are you searching for something of value? There is much anticipation in the air these days with elections, school openings, vaccines, domestic and global issues. Why not consider a Zoom class to broaden your personal knowledge?

Value awaits you beginning next month at the virtual zoom classes offered by the Belfast Senior College. Literature, history, technology, wellness, language courses among others commence in September.

Look for our course descriptions and registration form at www.belfastseniorcollege.org. Several courses have class size limitations so register early.

No stress, no exams, no homework, no report cards! Connect with new ideas, practical education and experienced instruction. Add some value this Fall.

Group holds fundraisers to help purchase 230 Main St.

Courtesy of: The Ecology Learning Center

There will be a fundraising event to help the Ecology Learning Center secure a home at 230 Main Street, in Unity.

On Sunday, August 2, there will be a Moonrise Yoga Adventure and Sail, from 5 – 9 p.m., at Belfast Harbor. You can register at www.MaineYogaAdventure.com.

Donations will be accepted. If they reach 250 donors, it’s a triple match. Items may include musical instruments (piano, fiddles, guitars, etc.), books (nonfiction, fiction, classics). Contact info@ecologylearningcenter.org.

The Ecology Learning Center practices Zero Waste. They are a grassroots, nonprofit organization with no glossy brochures, and no marketing agent. All donations go to the capital campaign.

They need your help to purchase 230 Main St., in Unity.

Senior College offers three special one-day courses

Well the TRIAL is over and so is the BOWL……now what?

Be a Witness to your OWN enlightened experience, growth and enjoyment!

The Belfast Senior College is now offering three special one-day courses in February.

The Sequoia: A Guest Celebrity, Wed­nes­day, Feb­ruary 12. Relive the history of “The Floating White House,” now in Belfast Harbor undergoing rehabilitation.

Be Your Own Personal Knitting Designer, Friday, February 14. Learn to make your own knitting pattern and create your own design

The Fundamentals of Civic Discourse, Thursday, February 20. Learn how to contribute to restoring civility in our public and private discourse.

All courses will be held at the Hutchinson Center, in Belfast, from 9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Registration is now open via www.belfastseniorcollege.org.

”Winterim” semester program announced

Situation: It’s mid-January in central Maine. You are dealing with cold temps, snow, gray skies and repetitive media news.

Question: So what plans do you have to provide for thought provoking, educationally stimulating and fun socializing with new found neighbors and friends?

Answer: On Thursdays beginning January 16th Belfast Senior College will commence it’s 4 Week “Winterim” Session with a choice of fifteen 2 hour morning and afternoon classes.

So come join us!

Courses range from Literature, Philosophy, Fine Arts , Music, History, Language, Technology and Hobby appreciation.

Special one-day classes are also available on February 12, 14, and 20.

Look for listings and registration December 12 on our website: www.belfastseniorcollege.org. Please note: no stress, no exams, no homework, no report cards, no attendance requirements, free coffee, tea and cookies and fun.

 Classes for this session are $ 30 each and one-day courses are $20. Membership fee is $25 for the year from September 1 through August 1. Registration will open on December 12, 2019. Early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment.

You may register on line, by mail or in person at the Senior College Office (open Thursdays).

All classes are held at the Hutchinson Center, on Route 3, in Belfast. Tel: 207-338- 8033.